Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bloggination vs bloviation

I like the internet because it has given us new words. Blog is one of my favorites, because it sounds so viscousy, sorta like booger. Viscous things are fun. Unless you happen to be hacking up a viscousy thing from out of your lungs, then, well, THAT is no fun. Another word I like is bloviate. Think of any senator giving a speech, no, wait, think of any number of democrats saying the same thing in the papers and, well, while not as fun as booger, I rather like it. I like balloons, big shiny helium balloons. That is what most senators are: Balloons. I picture the blogger like this: We are the people who are holding the end of the balloon to our mouths and sucking in the senatorial helium, and then when our voices are really kooky and high-pitched, we let the rest of the balloon go bouncing off the walls. This is like fisking. Which is also fun. Fisking is what you do to Katie Couric every morning while your hubby is in the shower. You sort of disect everything she says, word by word, debunking everything, ridiculing her, and then you end it all by saying, " Eff you! You perky little Bee-otch!" I hope that cleared everything up for you all.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Welcome, Discarded bloggers!

Hello to Throbert and Packen at Discarded Lies! And thanks for stopping by, Ayahuasca Vine! Discarded Lies has been one of my favorite sites since I started looking forward to Evariste's posts over at Allah Pundit and LGF. Of course, you all have one of the most interesting team blogs I have ever read...You all are what I would call ECLECTIC! It isn't that you simply post the same posts that circulate on all the other blogs, but you post things I NEVER would have thought about, but for your posts. I will stop by and introduce myself, if you like, and also, I will include some hilarious letters I wrote in Russian and English to the Russian touch-typing tutor guys, when I was learning how to type in Russian. I hope to be able to post sometimes in French/Russian as well as English, because it kind of helps me keep a lock on those languages while I continue to do translations/interpretations. I am up for talking about all things having to do with language acquisition, especially what it means in La Guerre Mondiale contre la Terrorisme. Oh yeah, where does Zorkmidden come from? When I was a kid, my dad used to scare us with stories about a nine-eyed, knife-toothed, slime-oozing Zork...and everytime we ventured to close to my dad's model trains in the basement, he would convincingly remind us about the Zork living in the basement...the very jealous Zork who had no use for train model loving children.

Friday, June 24, 2005

A Little Arabic Language lesson from Queen Kafirtiti

Since you didn't get the joke, let me clarify the punchlines and give you all a few necessary vocab builders. I hope this helps.
Middle Eastern Hystrionics Department aka MESA Middle Eastern Studies Association
Arab Hubris Studies... any college class where angry, America-Hating Left-leaning, Islamofascist professors indoctrinate idle, puerile future State Department hacks...provided the prof hasn't been indicted for funneling money to terrorist organizations.
Sharmouta a loverly Arabic word for B!TCH.
Najis Kufrs This is what our good ally Ali Sistani calls us behind our backs, even while getting medical treatment in Great Britain...I guess because the Umma don' have no 21st-century med facilities in Basra.
Allah (swt) I thought this meant So what, towelhead, but I was educated tonight from Spencer's site that it actually means this, as posted by Robert:

Cher Hugh,

SWT stands for "Subhanahu wa ta'ala," which means "May he be glorified and exalted," or more fully: "Glory be to Allah on high. Far removed is he from any imperfection." These words carry more weight than they may seem: most commonly they are understood by Muslims to mean that "Allah is pure of having partners and he is exalted above having a son." In other words, the statement carries anti-Christian overtones.

As ever

I will add to the vocabulary as it comes up in various posts, until then, don't lose your heads.....okay, bad choice of words.

Ppl R like Sooo Intolerant of Me, by Tonya "Sharmouta" Greipenweiner

Over at
  • Jihad Watch
  • I seem to have caused a ruckus posting under the name Tonya "Sharmouta" Greipenweiner. Go figure. Here is what I wrote:

    Like, is it me, Tonya "Sharmouta" Greipenweiner, or R all U racest scumbag najis kufrs NOT GETTING IT? Some 1, out there, anywhere, like, all 2gether now, say "DUH." The faithful, & totally bodacious sons of Allah (swt) R demanding JIHAD! AR U crudasers def or something? Whenever & whatever Allah asks 4 (swt) U shud like, totally give it up 4 Him. How can U resist the demands of the 1 tru religion? Do U need a PhD in Middle Eastern Hystrionics with an Associates' degree in Arab Hubris studies to see this? Why do U keep resisting the truth? We want Jihad. Keep giving us Jihad. More Jihad, please. Oh, & like over there is New Zealand, pretending that we can't see it. Have some Jihad, New Zealand. It would be fair, if U wood actually ADMIT that U R fighting Jihad, but NOOOOOO, crudasers are such cowards, ecspesially Jooos, & U think that targeting the brave & manly sons of Allah (swt)w/ ur sissy drones is Jihad enuff, but w8 til AFTER the hudna. U cowards cant even face a 15 year old shahid. U call yourselves civilized. U target old men in wheelchairs Who dont do anything ecxept INSPIRE ppl.
    And here are the responses:

    R all U racest scumbag najis kufrs (sic)

    Quite irony isnt it, calling us racist and najis kufrs in same sentence.

    How can U resist the demands of the 1 tru religion?

    Hehe m8 have u cared to read books of othr religions? Religion is a matter of spirituality and it is vehicle of communication with God and understanding deaper meaning of life. It isnt supposed to dictate what dress u shuld wear, how u shuld divorce or other mundane tasks of life as in Islam. Who says Islam is the "one true" religion, ONLY U DO. I remember one sentence from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

    The Bandar Log (Monkey People) came to Mowgli and said "We are all so strong and so wise. We all say so, so it must be true
    We want Jihad. Keep giving us Jihad. More Jihad, please.

    Feeling too cocky behind ur keyboard r u? If u want Jihad then why flame this forum? Why dont U TAKE A JIHADI VACATION in Kashmir or Checheneya or if they're too cold 4 u then try going to Thailand or Iraq m8. I wish u all the luck. May you serve as connon fodder for "enemy" guns.

    brave & manly sons of Allah (swt)w/ ur sissy drones is Jihad enuff, but w8 til AFTER the hudna.

    Marrying 4 women, beating your wives,raping 9 yr old girls, subjugating them, if this is supposed to be manliness (sic) then count me out.

    U cowards cant even face a 15 year old shahid. U call yourselves civilized. U target old men in wheelchairs Who dont do anything ecxept INSPIRE ppl.

    Yes most of ur 15yr old shahids go to heaven and their 72 virgins even b4 they can get a taste of action b it Kashmir or Palestine. Who's afraid of dimwit psychopathic teens on a murder spree m8. Bring it on.... NoBuddy we aint cowards U ARE. Killing estd 1.4 million fellow humans since 1970's. U guys truly shackle human growth and development. How man infidel women have ur manly men raped. How many children have ur "brave" mujahids murdered and maimed. How many lives have been broken by this all consuming foolish idealogy of Allah
    Posted by Vikrant

    and another:

    Jauhara (assuming that this is a serious post):

    Speaking of old men in wheelchairs, does Leon Klinghoffer, cruise ship Achilles Lauro, 1985 ring a bell?
    Posted by: jay

    and another:

    Posted by: Jauhara Al-Kafirah at June 24, 2005 05:38 PM


    Keep in mind that word sympathy is in the dictionary between the words SH_T and SYPHILIS!!!

    My response:

    Sheeeesh, fellow infidels! When I post as Sharmouta Greipenweiner, it is only because I am being absurd to stress the point....Unfortunately, there are actually college students who think like this and write like this. Sigh. I would have thought the Al-Kafirah would have exposed me as the infidel that I am. I guess I was wrong.
    Queen Kafirtiti out

    ....I can't imagine what it was that I said which might have upset the other infidels.

    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    Ecco La Donna de Civilizazione!

    Whenever I get a chance to read everything by Oriana Fallaci, I do, because her words are priceless gems, or better yet, they are priceless morsels of nourishment. She may not have long to live. Viva Vilipendio! Viva Oriana!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005

    Unpleasant task ahead

    There are times I hate to be an interpreter. Some occasions are more pleasant than others, but mostly, my work is with broken, dysfunctional families caught up in the American Nightmare. I have often tried to press upon my clients their need to learn English in order to survive in this country.
    We have so many free resources to help the immigrant assimilate and acquire a new language, yet many refuse to break out of their communities and even try. With satellite television, and an abundance of stores which cater to their diets and tastes, an immigrant can avoid English altogether.
    In July, I have to work with a kid who is now in the system for indecent assault. His parents don't speak English...or they don't want to, and his 13-yr old brother died of a drug overdose. So you see why I hate to do these interpretations.

    Greetings from Infidelphia

    Welcome to the dark side, Infidels. This is yet, another outpost condemning The Religion of Peace, and its quest to enslave everyone under Shari'a in one big happy Caliphate. We also discuss language, language learning and music. So feel free to contribute your 50,000 Dinars worth of opinion.