Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bloggination vs bloviation

I like the internet because it has given us new words. Blog is one of my favorites, because it sounds so viscousy, sorta like booger. Viscous things are fun. Unless you happen to be hacking up a viscousy thing from out of your lungs, then, well, THAT is no fun. Another word I like is bloviate. Think of any senator giving a speech, no, wait, think of any number of democrats saying the same thing in the papers and, well, while not as fun as booger, I rather like it. I like balloons, big shiny helium balloons. That is what most senators are: Balloons. I picture the blogger like this: We are the people who are holding the end of the balloon to our mouths and sucking in the senatorial helium, and then when our voices are really kooky and high-pitched, we let the rest of the balloon go bouncing off the walls. This is like fisking. Which is also fun. Fisking is what you do to Katie Couric every morning while your hubby is in the shower. You sort of disect everything she says, word by word, debunking everything, ridiculing her, and then you end it all by saying, " Eff you! You perky little Bee-otch!" I hope that cleared everything up for you all.

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