Friday, June 24, 2005

A Little Arabic Language lesson from Queen Kafirtiti

Since you didn't get the joke, let me clarify the punchlines and give you all a few necessary vocab builders. I hope this helps.
Middle Eastern Hystrionics Department aka MESA Middle Eastern Studies Association
Arab Hubris Studies... any college class where angry, America-Hating Left-leaning, Islamofascist professors indoctrinate idle, puerile future State Department hacks...provided the prof hasn't been indicted for funneling money to terrorist organizations.
Sharmouta a loverly Arabic word for B!TCH.
Najis Kufrs This is what our good ally Ali Sistani calls us behind our backs, even while getting medical treatment in Great Britain...I guess because the Umma don' have no 21st-century med facilities in Basra.
Allah (swt) I thought this meant So what, towelhead, but I was educated tonight from Spencer's site that it actually means this, as posted by Robert:

Cher Hugh,

SWT stands for "Subhanahu wa ta'ala," which means "May he be glorified and exalted," or more fully: "Glory be to Allah on high. Far removed is he from any imperfection." These words carry more weight than they may seem: most commonly they are understood by Muslims to mean that "Allah is pure of having partners and he is exalted above having a son." In other words, the statement carries anti-Christian overtones.

As ever

I will add to the vocabulary as it comes up in various posts, until then, don't lose your heads.....okay, bad choice of words.


  1. You're off to a lively start. Welcome to the blogosphere. And don't hold back.

  2. Thanks. I just got dissed by someone named Frank over at Steven Vincent's site. I am not sure what his definition of wierd is.

  3. Hey Jauhara, noticed you in our referers at Discarded Lies. Our commenters packen and Throbert speak Russian, you might wanna stop by, introduce yourself, and say hi sometime :-) I've put you on our blogroll.

  4. They may call you sharmouta, but you're our sharmouta, baby!

    Yours in shared fatwadom,

  5. Bol'shoya spasiba, komrades. I want to put up commie era propaganda posters. I simply love the art....with Right wing diatribe, of course!


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