Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Unpleasant task ahead

There are times I hate to be an interpreter. Some occasions are more pleasant than others, but mostly, my work is with broken, dysfunctional families caught up in the American Nightmare. I have often tried to press upon my clients their need to learn English in order to survive in this country.
We have so many free resources to help the immigrant assimilate and acquire a new language, yet many refuse to break out of their communities and even try. With satellite television, and an abundance of stores which cater to their diets and tastes, an immigrant can avoid English altogether.
In July, I have to work with a kid who is now in the system for indecent assault. His parents don't speak English...or they don't want to, and his 13-yr old brother died of a drug overdose. So you see why I hate to do these interpretations.

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