Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Welcome, Discarded bloggers!

Hello to Throbert and Packen at Discarded Lies! And thanks for stopping by, Ayahuasca Vine! Discarded Lies has been one of my favorite sites since I started looking forward to Evariste's posts over at Allah Pundit and LGF. Of course, you all have one of the most interesting team blogs I have ever read...You all are what I would call ECLECTIC! It isn't that you simply post the same posts that circulate on all the other blogs, but you post things I NEVER would have thought about, but for your posts. I will stop by and introduce myself, if you like, and also, I will include some hilarious letters I wrote in Russian and English to the Russian touch-typing tutor guys, when I was learning how to type in Russian. I hope to be able to post sometimes in French/Russian as well as English, because it kind of helps me keep a lock on those languages while I continue to do translations/interpretations. I am up for talking about all things having to do with language acquisition, especially what it means in La Guerre Mondiale contre la Terrorisme. Oh yeah, where does Zorkmidden come from? When I was a kid, my dad used to scare us with stories about a nine-eyed, knife-toothed, slime-oozing Zork...and everytime we ventured to close to my dad's model trains in the basement, he would convincingly remind us about the Zork living in the basement...the very jealous Zork who had no use for train model loving children.


  1. Hi Jauhara

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks for the link too, I'll do the same.

    Infidelphia. Heh.

  2. BTW, "Ayahuasca Vine" is me, evariste :-) zorkie asked me to post the following, because she doesn't have a Blogger account:
    the very jealous Zork who had no use for train model loving children.
    All your train model are belong to me
    It's not zork you should be afraid of, it's the grues!

    Thanks for the link, we blogrolled you as well.



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