Friday, July 1, 2005

News from ITRZ

Steven Vincent has a new posting at In the Red Zone.
I absolutely love this man's writing. I never miss an update, or for that matter, Michael Yon's reporting from Iraq. Highly recommended reading. I suggest you all stop reading this now, and go over to those two outstanding sites and just soak it all up. That's where I will be for the next hour or so.
Update: While attempting to post at IRTZ, I discovered that TypePad is down for maintenance. My post would have followed the "get a grip" Frank, who suffers from terminal white anxiety syndrome. I will post this later, but here is what I posted:
Hi Frank. Still inflicting Euroguilt on us, eh. Maybe you can refresh our memory by recounting the savagery of the Aztecs in their peaceful religion at the time of Cortez. Amnesia about the human stain seems only to show up on "white" fabric, anymore.
Truth be told, are we all savages, and what will civilize any of us? It seems savagery is our first nature, and the second nature is being able to define it as savagery. The really interesting thing, though, is that the happy Allahu Akbar throat slitters seem not to be able to recognize their savagery at all. It is perfectly normal to them. What IS the big deal?

Update: Steven Vincent was kidnapped and murdered shortly after I posted this. I received a letter from him a few days before he was murdered. At the time of his death, he was writing an article exposing the Basrah police department as a corrupt bastion for Muqtada as Sadr's followers. His wife wrote possibly the most eloquent eulogy for him, in response to John Esposito's horrible comments about Steven's motivations.

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