Sunday, January 15, 2006

Leg Cramps from Hell

I am somewhat disabled today, as a result of severe leg cramps. I woke up shrieking in pain, while my husband rushed to my side and began pressing on my foot to straighten out the muscle. This is the worst cramp I have had. Not sure what to do about it.


  1. Jauhara,
    Do you get enough salt?
    These days people often overdo the avoidance of salt in their food.
    Are you taking some medication on high blood preassure?
    Sometime I also get cramps after vigorous exersizing - dehydration (also related to your salt level as salt helps to keep your fluids inside you).

  2. Thanks, felis. I switched to Kosher salt a few years back, and the difference is remarkable. Not only do I not miss table salt, but kosher actually enhances the flavor of everything. I guess these cramps run in the family, so my bruv told me to eat a banana every day, and I am. I also am taking vitamin e in I.U. 800 dosages, and remarkably, the cramp is almost gone.


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