Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Neutered Perversion of the Bible

(First published in 2002)
Before I weigh in on my topic, I would just like to take a moment to set the record straight for Mistrix Julia Roberts. When she said that she looked in the dictionary and found Republicans between the words REPTILE and REPULSIVE, I was, as were so many conservatives, indignant. After all, my kids have lizards, and they can hardly be likened to Republicans. They don't have a particular odor, and they just sort of sit there, doing nothing at all. In fact, they are more like Democrats, in that they like to bask in the bright light, but tend to hide under rocks when it comes to doing the vile, reptilian, repulsive things that lizards sometimes do when they don't want to bask. I think Mistrix Roberts would have better luck finding Republicans between QUISLING and SPINELESS. If not in the dictionary, then in Congress.
Well, it seems that the feminists are up to more shenanigans again. This time, however, they've taken their knives to the Very Word of God and castrated the Holy Bible. Not that they would ever read it, themselves. They are more interested in making everyone else feel guilty, and the Bible points out clearly that everyone's guilty.
I realize that lately, everyone has had something to say about the Scriptures. We are living in the age of a paper doll Jesus. He manages to emerge as the guru for every conceivable cause du jour. Whether Jesus is the Post-Modern intellectual's vegetarian homosexual who married Mary Magdalene, had kids and "swooned" on the cross, but then got all better, thanks to the dampness of the tomb reviving him, or the Incarnate Son of God who died for the sins of the world and rose again the 3rd day for fools like myself, Jesus and his Father are now fully emasculated, thanks to the brain trust of psychobabblers who call themselves linguists. This in the name of "inclusiveness". Feminists should explain what they mean by inclusiveness, when they have banned all the boys from this version of the Bible.
I am not sure what to do about this particular onslaught of bad and impotent English, since this cult has permeated its mindset into every aspect of our lives. Feminists seem to be immune to ridicule, though. I had hoped that their doom was sealed when they made their "see no hypocrisy" pact with Bill Clinton. Maybe this latest attack is just a dying gasp. I wish.
My King James Bible looks so inviting these days. And even more comforting since September 11th. Are not the two most powerful words in English "Jesus wept"? Anyone who has read the Psalms or Ecclesiastes in the King James Version must come away with a sense of awe at the power and depth of beauty that is the language of the King James Bible. I hope that there will be a surge in sales of the King James Bible. For all of its flaws, it proves one thing well: Feminists are irrelevant. And Mrx Julia Roberts can find that word in the dictionary between the words IMBECILE and KOOK.


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I really struggle to see how you're agressive standpoint against feminists (of which i am not one), is in line with the character of Jesus that i read about in the gospels?


  2. Where to begin! The whole point of this article was to ridicule the gender sensitive language being foisted by feminists...who, by the way tend to be Marxist in their dogma and thus, why do they bother telling theologians how to interpret long dead languages? Secondly, our culture of moral relativism is also to blame. Everything is being redefined: from "racism" to "hate" to who Jesus is and what he preached. It is important to read the scriptures in the context of their time settings, and not modernize them in order to make them "meaningful"...whatever that means

  3. Wow Jauhara!!!
    You've been branded AGRESSIVE by a non feminist.
    I would immediately exercise my right as a woman (of which I am not)to certain amount of assertivness.

  4. I hope I am never in your face assertive. Just assertive. I am not quite sure what the point was that the brave but not quite eloquent Anonymous tried to make, but I hope I was clear enough in my response.

  5. Jauhara,
    i was clear enough in my response.

    To me you were. ;-)

  6. Anonymous - perhaps it is because Jesus does not rate a mention with feminists when it comes to creditable faith or belief, except to mock and defile, and that the entire feminist premise flies in the face of Christ's take on the world, that we find it somewhat, how shall I say, out of their domain, to have ANY comment on Him, let alone the temerity to alter His words and testimony???
    The hypocrisy of the feminists knows no bounds. Their dogma is failing before their eyes, but they will repudiate the truth in vain attempts to revive their own foolishness. Perhaps it is that???
    Perhaps the fault lies with "the character of Jesus that i read about in the gospels?" You still wanting to worship a wimp-God? Sorry, in Jesus Christ, you got the wrong fella!


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