Friday, January 13, 2006

Tweaking the Blog

This blog has undergone a number of changes since yesterday. First change: I am actually writing new posts on it. Second change: I changed the name to The Infidelphian Outpost....I think it best expresses my infidel sensibilities... and Third: I thought I would settle on a nice Israellish blue. Kinda soothing. The other colors weren't working too well for me.
I hope to redirect the blog from just yakking about myself to actually commenting on issues of the day....and when I figure out how to use the wacom pad and corel painter...I am going to post my cartoons as well. I miss cartooning. The process of submitting cartoons to editors, who tell me the "average schmuck" wouldn't "get it", and that is why we aren't going to publish it - those days are OVER! Sweet Freedom!


  1. Cartoons?
    Your own?
    How about just drawing them and scanning?
    Corel Draw is OK for processing but drawing in it is cumbersome.

    Your Blog looks great now.
    Keep them posts comin'.

  2. I will do that! I was having a hard time with the Corel, still trying to figger it all out.

  3. Go Jauhara go- looking forward to having my endorphins rollicking with laughter.


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