Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Welcome to the Insolent Infidels of Oz

I was startled to find people actually reading and leaving comments on this blog. As it turned out, the fine, upstanding folks from Democracy Frontline blog found this site, derelict, all but abandoned, and with kind words and encouragement, persuaded me to fix the joint up a bit.

We often feel lonely in the war on Civilization. Let's not kid ourselves, that is what we are in. We come from all points on the planet. We come from all walks in life. We are unique individuals, contributing what we can to our families, to our neighborhoods, to our communities. We aren't pretentious enough to believe that we will change the world. That is the delusion of the fabulist and the indoctrinator.

The one thing that brings us together, when we weren't even looking for each other, is the common enemy of us all. He has invaded our lands, while we thought we were rescuing him from his tyrannies. He has poisoned the minds and hearts of his children against his benefactors, and sent them to murder themselves and as many of us as he can. He is the follower of Mohammed and his vile deity.

His allegiance is to no country, or to laws and customs that are considered decent courtesies. He is the Troll King of Peer Gynt fame, where good is evil, evil is good, darkness is light, ugliness is beauty....and all the Troll King requires of us is to bow and acknowledge his superiority. His truth, with its ever-shifting definitions. To surrender and submit.

His peace treaty is endless humiliation and subjegation of those who are not his kind. His law is the punishment of one sex, while the other is trained in rabid hatred. His Peace is a constant state of war.

We see the results of life in his kingdom of Submission. It is a culture of ignorance, a wasteland of disease and hopelessness. His fields are dust, his pursuits are idleness and war. His denizens have no memories of who they once were, before they became trolls. Only the ever present now, with its constant blame and rage.

In the kingdom of the troll, beauty is banished and the beautiful are violated and hung from lightpoles. Hands are chopped off. Eyes gouged out. Women lashed and stoned. The doomed are beheaded in a fevered orgasm of hideous worship. Children are sold as toys for the ravenous, lustful appetites of troll emirs, and troll princes. Unsuspecting naifs are lured into their kingdom with promises of wealth and leisure, and there they become impoverished, enslaved, forgotten by even their own families.

There remain but a few precious outposts of Liberty left. The dark ages are once again upon us. It is now the age of the circuit rider, the hidden monastery, the pamphleteer. The hushed whispers and fear of being discovered.

Those whom we have entrusted with the training up of our minds, the girding of our hearts and souls have abandoned us and are in service of the Troll and his god. They would deny it, but they spin about in a universe they create anew each day, expecting us to spin with them, to see what they have created as real, as true. Every day we are met with new disappointments, as those we count on to protect and to serve the innocent ignore the realities and order us to agree with them.

Our leaders dine with the trolls and tell us that they are our friends, as their teeth and claws drip with the blood of our bravest defenders.

We are beheaded, we are kidnapped, we are raped, over and over and over, and the only solace we find is each other. It is so easy to believe we are but a few, in the roaring presence of their boastful billions.

Welcome to the War, soldier. Rest here awhile before you have to go back to whatever front you fight in.

Remember, our weapons are not merely guns and bombs, though they work a marvelous cure, but rather, truth unchanging, words, keyboards, computers, and above all, resolve. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Why, thank you Jauhara for your kind words.
    We are all here together to face our cruel and merciless enemy.
    And what a great company we are all in!!!
    NO need far false modesty here. ;-)

    Do our enemies stand a chance against such a mighty force?

    I don't think so.

  2. gravelrash4:26 AM

    Jauhara, that is probably the best rallying call I have seen and I would be proud to rip it off, and proclaim it long and loud, wherever I go, as it is a clarion call to all Aussies and lovers of freedom everywhere!
    We share common fears and understandings and as you know, it can be almost like an exile. The last year, discovering the blog warriors of Oz...... well, I feel in good company! Thanks for the effort. God bless it.

  3. Grav, rip away, my friend! That was the intent when I wrote it. Thanks for your kind comments.

  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    why uh helo there
    my name is mister grayboobajoehansonwigger
    i like your bog, will you join me for a cup of tea please?

  5. Hi Mary. Go clean your room now, please, and NO phone calls after 9 pm.


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