Monday, February 13, 2006

Arabs protest offensive Porky Pig cartoon, in 1941

Just remember something about this whole crazy cartoon kerfuffle. It has happened before. In 1941.

The offending toon is titled, "Ali Baba Bound." What is remarkable about this toon is what is in it. I will try to give you a scene by scene reconstruction, but I fear I will do it a great injustice. You simply must see it yourselves. Here goes:

Our Hero, Porky Pig is playing the part of a French Legionnaire, stationed at some farflung fort in the Sahara desert during WWII. While walking around and whistling, oblivious of impending danger, he is accosted by a slick and oily spy, who warns him that Ali Baba and his Dirty Sleeves brigandes would be attacking the fortress. He runs back to let the other soldiers know, only to find out that they are nowhere to be found. Of course, they are FRENCH.

He mounts a camel and heads out. Ali Baba and his knife wielding brigandes appear over the horizon....
In one scene, Ali Baba has drawn a very large and pointy knife from his sheath and is seen in shadow, threatening a baby camel, while cackling hysterically...

In the next shot, he is whistling for his men to attack the fort.
They do, using one of their men as a battering ram, and another being hoisted up to fire into the fort. Meanwhile, a short distance off....a man with a large bomb attached to his head is pacing eagerly, awaiting his turn. He is confined to the bench with the sign that reads, "Bench reserved for Suicide Squadron".....
Finally! The suicider gets his chance. He hurls himself toward the fort, and Porky Pig opens the front door, and the bomber runs in, while Porky Pig opens the back door, and the bomber runs out, blowing up his marauding band of cut throats....The final help me Jehoshephat, shows a rather pouty Ali Baba PICKETTING the fort and the cartoon for "Being unfair to Arabs!"

Just thought you would like to know. The DVD is sold, for 1 All-American dollar, at Wal Mart: Here is the title and number, if you are interested in owning it for yourselves and your posterity:

Cartoon Craze #19 Presents Porky Pig: Porky's Café
1. Porky's Café
2. Porky's Prize Pony
3. Ali-Baba Bound
4. Confussions of a Nutzy Spy
5. Pigs in a Polka
6. Joe Glow the Firefly
7. Notes to You
8. Gay Gaucho
9. The Booze Hangs High


  1. Can it be bought on line??

  2. BTW,
    This is me Felis.
    I had to change my alias (only while visiting Friends).
    I have to many "stalkers", who already gave some hard time to other bloggers when they saw my nick name.

  3. Aaaah, Felis. I was wondering what you might have meant....then I realized. Cowboys. It's always the cowboys, isn't it. Heh. I went to the Walmart site, and the dvd didn't come up in a search. I think it is because it is in one of the many clearance bins in all the stores. However, I would gladly send you my copy...since it only cost a buck, and I could easily replace it. Do you have Walmart in Sydney? I know that Walmart has some stores internationally, but I didn't know if there were any in Australia. Do you even have anything LIKE a Walmart? If you want to send me your address, I will pop it into the mail today! Much love to you and all at Democracy Frontline!

  4. And, by the way. That ISN'T me in the photograph. I found it at Jawa Report and thought it was so hilarious, that I had to use makes the kids cringe, but look at that broad. Just TRY and slap a burqa on her. Go ahead, Mohammed. TRY! I DARE YA!!!

  5. Biiiig lady that one!

  6. Skylark9:57 PM

    Jauhara we have a K-Mart that I think is kind of the same as your Wal-Mart. I'll check it out . I spent many hour of childhood laughing at the antics of Porky Pig and no Berserk Bin Laden boofhead is going to stop me enjoying it further.

  7. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Jauhara, please don't give away the cd until you make a copy of it. I am going to check out our walmart but I am afraid that it wont be there and I "gotta have it"

  8. Anonymous, don't worry about there not being any more at the Walmart
    The place is lousy with them. On the whole, these toons are really bad. They are just plain awful. So I would like to apologize to Felis for sending him something so patently wretched.


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