Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Cartoonist's war is ON, baby!

The war on civilisation is escalating, thanks to this wicked funny site, and Rusty is also fanning the fatwa flames.

If you are not familiar with this rare bit of American History, let me refresh your memory: In the late 1790s, cartoonists were having a heyday ridiculing the ruling elites. Many of them were being portrayed as animals, and the Congress decided to pass a law banning the depiction of any political figure as an animal....which provoked such an outburst of ridicule and mirth in the cartoonists, they started portraying their august statesmen as vegetables......and soon, the law was repealed. That is the power of satire and ridicule.

In Jolly Old England, Jonathan Swift satirised the corrupt political scene in "Gulliver's Travels". Thomas More satirised the powerful and corrupt in 'Utopia', and the list goes on and on.

In every society where the intolerant begin to dictate to the rest of us just what it is we may and may not laugh at, it is our solemn duty to laugh at them. And for the record, there is one more famous Danish satirist many have forgotten......Hans Christian Anderson. Read the 'Emperor's New Clothes', for a clue.


  1. Funny.
    I could sear i Left a comment here yesterday? :-)

  2. Something is really wacky at blogger. I couldn't even log on today, I kept getting a gateway timeout. I thought maybe it was a denial of service attack. Belmont club, nodhimmittude and other blogs weren't coming up. Hopefully things will settle down. When I checked for my post, I found it had been removed. So Felis, not sure what's going on.
    I am following closely the events around the globe, and the truly frightening thing is that OUR MEDIA is utterly ignoring it, and the British press is referring to the Danish as racist extremists. I think the best solution is to go ahead and burn their damn koran....being tolerant did little to help Daniel Pearl or Nick Berg, did it.

  3. Skylark3:21 AM

    For how many mileenia have non-Muslims been called dogs and pigs? And for how long have dhimmis paid taxes? And to think Muslims say their religion teaches respect of other religions( yes there were recent posters up to this effect).
    We've swallowed insults for years.
    And they get supset by cartoons that aren't really all that funny anyway. Tunnel vision is too good a word for the way they see things

  4. Skylark3:22 AM

    Hey I got through!!!!! So I am just sending this in celebration!!!!!!Pop the champers!!!!!


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