Sunday, February 5, 2006

Danish Feast

Tonight we ate Danish. Ham and Havarti with creamy horseradish sauce with sweet honey mustard on bodillos (football shaped crusty Spanish breads). I have no photographs of the feast, but take my was gobsmacking good. I would like to add this curious fact....there was a gaping hole in the deli cheese section where the Danish cheeses I was lucky to grab a block of Havarti when I did. I wonder why that is?


  1. was gobsmacking good

    Jauhara you left me salivating here.
    I must go and get some Danish Blue Camember.
    I must hurry though - yesterday they ran out of the stuff in my supermarket. ;-)

  2. Ditto here!!! Good news plus good eating!
    My Valley is absolutely blue collar, but the "Deli manager" of the largest Supermarket nearby said he was amazed and couldn't understand why the sudden rush!
    I put him wise!

  3. Bravo to my Aussies! I guess I love talking about food as much as I love talking about current events and the world at large. My beloved husman and I used to play, a game, back in the day we both toiled 16 hours a day in a windowless dusty mailroom. Neither of us had money and we both ate alot of ramen noodles. Very rarely did we get a chance to eat out. During the breaks, I would read aloud to him from Mark Twain's entire short story collection, and he used to give me a Pennsylvania Dutch hard candy called a rootbeer barrel. At lunch the game we played consisted of tormenting each other by vividly describing the thing we were most hungry for. The first person to cry Uncle and beg to stop the barmacide feast would be the loser....I always won. Heh.


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