Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sorry for the long absence

It has been a busy week for me. I took over the very early newspaper route I used to do for five years, while the carrier went on vacation to Myrtle Beach. In addition, I have had much happening with my piano students. It has been difficult to find the time to sleep. How can anyone expect me to sleep, while Glenn Beck is on the radio? Are you people NUTS?!!! We're talking about GLENN FRICKIN' BECK!!!

There's something hilarious about this guy when you are three sheets to the wind with total fatigue. Posting something was just the last thing I wanted to do at the moment......although I may post something about going to hell, only to find myself at


  1. Who's Beck? ;-)

    Take care Jauhara.

  2. Sorry, he's a radio talk show host, who, in my opinion has one of the funniest shows on the radio. My husband hates talk radio, and he usually finds it boring. Beck on the other hand does parodies of television shows, of Michael Jackson calling to tell him how hurt he is by all the mean things people are saying. My favorite schtick is the Public School Hygiene Film Strip parody, wherein he takes a modern view on a health topic and turns it into a 1950s style High School film strip, with the voices and music and everything. He also does a game show called Moron Trivia, where he calls convenience store clerks and asks them questions that no average person could ever get wrong, but since most convenience store clerks are Pakistanis or Arabs, they tend to get everything wrong. On rare occasions when someone gets something right, they earn a prize. Most of the time, Beck is just a smart-assed commentator with a knack for timing and hilarity. His spoof of Yoda denouncing the Bush administration's economic policies nearly sent me to the bathroom. It would be interesting to find out who is funny on the radio in Oz.
    What is funny? What is the humor like? Are you even allowed to have a comedy show on the radio? Just wondering.

  3. Most of our talk back rado shows are not so good.
    All the comedy ones are too leftie and not funny.


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