Monday, March 13, 2006

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors...

Ladies and Gentlemans! For your painfully perusing pleasure! Behold the woman's condom of manly DOOM! If you are in Great Britain, and in imminent danger of being the next participant in the game of Raping of the Infidel™ , you can now play the game, secure in knowing that Mohammed will suffer in his manhood presently with sticklish pains, when he thrusts his Wand of Allah's Wrath™ into your gentle and discreet awra! No more will you suffer the indignanties of being a toilet!
Thanks to Rapex, the womans can have as much fun to be the victims as the mans will to be and soon!

Remember, Ladies and Gentlemans! RAPEX! For all your raping needs!

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