Monday, March 27, 2006


Take a look at this goofy little girl. Awkward, noisy, bouncing off the walls, and cross-eyed. A truer specimen of silliness there isn't. All throughout her young life she was gawky, clumsy and damn near blind. Oy! And such a little temper in a teapot. Mary, Mary, quite contrary...born with a full scream in her throat...or as my brother called her: the screaming ball of fat. Always clinging to momma's hip. Scared to leave my lap til the ripe old age of five...and then, gangbusters! She was Fearless Fosdick. Jumping off the high dive by 7, swimming without waterwings by 10 she was delivering the paper on rollerblades....and well, by 14, something delightfully strange happened. Something that can't be explained by puberty. The duck was gone, and the swan was moving in....and I was just getting comfortable with the tomboy, and then, THIS young lady ruint everything!

Now just look at her! No longer the short awkward tomboy, she shot up, tall and graceful, with a honey-soaked whiskey voice that few teenage girls have or have ever heard...and walking like a runway model. I mean, heh, I was only joking with my young piano student about Mary becoming a model, but since his mom is a modelling agent, and a rather good one at that, with a solid reputation, I thought, what the hey, maybe she will become the next great IT girl. And since she got that picture above taken, she has actually done some jobs. Last summer, she modelled for a teen clothing store and got paid a nice sum for washing a pooch. It's just that she looks and sounds strangely familiar, as though I've seen her before. In some other wayback time and space continuum, perhaps:

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