Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hey Kufrs, We are Accepting Apologies at this One-stop, Convenient Location

Hey, Keeds! A new controversy is brewing! Just in time for the Spring Rampages! Just in time for the weekly Rioting in the Streets Because We are Offended as directed by Our Imam Last Friday. Oh, how the embassies will burn, you kufrs!

Get ready for it. Here it comes! What am I talkin' 'bout? The latest Offense to Muslim sensitivities, that's all! TEXTBOOK FEVER is about to take the 7th century by storm, and where will you be, when it is YOUR turn to apologize abjectly, for the sake of appeasing and pacifying the Perpetually Offended Offendi Protestors (POOP)?

Hugh Fitzgerald is paving the glorious path of grovelling and servitude at the Racist, Islamophic Website of Truth and Knowledge with this post and this one, too.

Learn, you filthy kufrs, just what it means to say "I am sorry," over and over, til you truly mean it. And then...say good-bye to your useless heads. I believe I will demonstrate for you the proper way to offer up a sincere, heartfelt apology for doing the vilest of infidel things: Take note, and follow my example.

"I am the most wretched of najis and kaffir women, Hugh. I am worse than a fornicatrix, worse than a jewmonkeypigapedog. Vile, I am. For I teach little children how to play the piano. Boys. I teach little boys and girls, and I actually place my hands over the boys' hands to correctly place them on the haram instrument of Shaytan. I also sing, too. Allah who once commanded the Jews to praise Him on the harp, with singing and dancing and with thanksgiving and praise, has abrogated his command and forbidden us to engage in that which once was the clean thing, which is now the vile thing. I am ashamed, Hugh, for secretly I listen to The "Seven Last Words of Christ," sung in Latin, an unholy language that is not pure and sinless as is the Holy Arabic. Woe is me, for I am unable to help myself. I profess a secret love, one that I can barely utter, it is most putrid....I...Oh Allah forgive me...Love...save me, oh Prophet Mohammed, (pbuh)...BRAHMS!...There. It is out. For all to see. Is there a more pitiable wretch than I, Hugh? Okay, Condoleezza Rice is worse off, for she plays the confounded messenger of the Jinn herself, and she does it way better than me....beeyotch."

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