Monday, March 6, 2006

A new definition from the Infidel Lexicon

Mul-ti-cul-tur-a-list: A morally bankrupt and intellectually lazy person who
1. does not wish to think about the consequences of allowing lawless savages into the midst of civilization, and
2. wants to be liked by them.


  1. I decided, yet again, to change the blog. I am not trying to be a news portal, just want to have fun in the land of the Infidels without being to serious. Also, the little girl peeking out of the corn in the next entry is Rachel, destroyer of microwaves. Is not she cute?
    While I liked the blue theme in the other layout, this one has enough distinction to keep it interesting. Too much light blueness. Plus, links were hard to see. Photobucket also now has blogging features, but I am also using Picasa 2, which is a really nice photoblogging device by google. Now if I can get some traffic coming my way. Any suggestions?

  2. Well, you answered my question from your previous post.

    Apperently they say the mufti, whose pic you posted fancy himself as the ladies man. ;-)

  3. Terrible and wondrous to behold. Good that he is finally in prison.


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