Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Okay, you crybabies, grow up, already!

I have posted this information over at the website of the Communist Blockheads. I have written to Michelle and Charles. I have done my level best to try to let people know that there isn't an evil Google conspiracy to destroy Parody. All to no avail. No answer from Ms Malkin or Mr. Johnson, I understand that, they are quite busy folks. I won't hold my breath...But really!

Disappearing my comment from The People's Cube Forum, after they have gone to such lengths in crying "FOUL" to Google's supposed censorship, when all I did was to show them how to do a simple search on Google's search engine, is WAY beyond the pale. So now it's time to do the adult thing. Please follow the instructions carefully.
Go to Google and copy and paste this into the search bar and press SEARCH. Can ya do that? Gooooood: thepeoplescube.com
If you did this correctly, you would have seen this:
Now, let's do another search. Having worked in a newspaper library, I can tell you a simple truth, no secrets here: There is more than one way to do a search! You can use DIFFERENT WORD COMBINATIONS! Wow. Who'da thunk? Please, children, type the following words into your handy dandy Google Search Bar: The People's Cube
What did you see? Something like THIS I hope. So Has Google really gone out of its way to censor The People's Cube? Yes. And here is why: SPAM. The idiots at the Peoples Cube have hidden text within their CSS code: From an expert on the topic:

Which brings us to this point: It's always something ELSE. Try to remember that, kiddoes.

UPDATE: It is something elser! The hidden text within the People's Cube pages are mostly links to....get this...People's Cube pages! In addition, there are sites that were designed by the designer of the People's Cube, and he felt that he had a right to embed his own webpages within HIS OWN SITE! I don't really have a problem with this, either. One more thing... Matt Cutts, expert sited above, is a Google employee. It isn't just TPC's url that was delisted; others have had pictures expunged, or text removed. I think it may be best just to go with accoona's new search engine.

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