Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Three Arrests made in Church Burnings

UPDATE: A third suspect was arrested in the Alabama church arsons. From Squidoo: This was the Morning Star Baptist Church. This church, along with 9 others was burned to the ground. Ten churches. All Baptist. All in Alabama. This morning 3 men, Ben Nathan Moseley, Russell Lee Debusk and Matthew Lee Cloyd were arrested for arson. Amy Maxwell posted some rather hilarious and amazing photos on her site, I got a question: Why is it, whenever someone from the South is arrested, his middle name usually turns out to be LEE? I mean, my middle name used to be Lee, now its Al.
When I first heard the breaking news, I was listening to FOX Radio News, always insightful, ahem, which added this thoughtful ponderance: "The churches were Baptist, while the suspects in the arson attended Birmingham Southern College (and here, the announcer stresses the possible religious aspects, NAY, motivations of the story) which is a Methodist College."
Well, of course! Duh. There! You have it! This was a religiously motivated series of arsons, committed by seething Methodists against their apostate Baptist brethren. Sorta like Shias and Sunnis, you know.
I will keep posting on this, because speculation was that the Mohammed Cartoon Controversy™ may have played some part in this. It may turn out that these were just a couple of firebugs looking for a headline or two. Or maybe there is something more sinister. Maybe a zealous new convert, wanting to please his masters in the Religion of Peace™. UPDATE: Apparently, these brain trusts thought it would be a great joke! Yeah, what's the harm in a little Christians burning at the stake? You wonder what influence inspired them to burn Christian Churches. Who knows. Who cares. Let them be forgotten on "The Farm".

Kudos to !
Amy Maxwell took a picture of a message that we all would like to see coming out of our sleeping churches these days:

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