Friday, March 3, 2006

Trivial Pursuit

I realize that world events, all of which are currently exceeding my comfort levels of madness and mayhem, have taken a back seat to a trivial quest of mine. Popcorn. Yes, that's right. Popcorn. First food of the Pilgrims on their hajj to the New World. You see, it started like this:
Rachel aged 8, received in her Valentine bag a mini bag of microwave popcorn, a substandard product with which I was completely satisfied, until the munchkin decided to be the big girl and pop the corn all by herself.
Now, the mini bag pops in less than half the time a regular bag pops, but Rachel simply hit the popcorn button on the microwave, and proceeded to fill the house with the smouldering smoke and ashes of really. burnt. popcorn.
The microwave was ruint. I seldom use it now. The stench of burnt popcorn still lingers and I can't seem to get rid of it. So, I have been doing it the old fashioned way. On the stove. Except, the Whirly Popper no longer has its lid, and no matter what I do, the corn burns every time, and I have HAD IT!!
What to do?
Quest time!
Go HERE, ye seekers of popcorn in all its glory!
I bought the perfect popper, much like I had when I was growing up, and an assortment of popcorns, oils, salts, it popcorn porn for the soul.
My dear father, who has diverticulitis can now resume eating his favorite food. Hulless Popcorn. Lady Finger White. I can't wait for this stuff to come. I have 2 excellent movies coming from Netflix: Iraqi Voices, and Turtles can fly. When they come, you, dear readers, will get a two-fer: A movie review with a popcorn review as well. Til then...I am off to my mail box to wait. Ciao!


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I must have some commie blood running through my veins. I frackin' hate popcorn! The smell is nauseating!

    /Princess Kimberley

    //too lazy to log in to say hi!

  2. Now, Princess, I won't question your patriotism, and I understand completely your total revulsion to the smell. For me, however, it evokes one memory above all others: Dinner. When I was a child, sometimes, all we had for dinner was popcorn. My father used to come home late at night, and we would all have popcorn for dinner. When I moved out on my own, the one thing I used to eat was popcorn. It is cheap and filling. I lost a good deal of weight on a popcorn diet and Hi C punch.
    I had a friend from Brazil who was quite wealthy in São Paolo, and when she immigrated to the USA, she couldn't believe they sold popcorn in the movies, and that people were actually eating it. In Brazil, popcorn is only used to feed the birds. I guess I just cain't hep myself. I love the greasy smelly stuff. But I won't hold anyone to the same standard.

  3. I always buy popcorn at the movies.
    It's part of the deal .. even though I am not particurarly fond of it.

  4. Is this cutie-pie in the corn field your daughter?

  5. The one and only youngest daughter Rachel of burnt popcorn fame. She is doing much better with her culinary prowess: today I let her make ramen noodles on the stove....with supervision of course!


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