Saturday, April 1, 2006

The Democratic Plan for Stopping Evil: Dead in its Tracks

Warning! Links contain hilarious obsenities you would never use in front of the kids, but they are still funny anyway, so I recommend you read them, because, well, they're funny. You have officially been warned.

Meet the Dhimmicrats and their plan of Salvation!
I feel safer, just KNOWING that these guys keep talking. I just worry about the average American who buys into this spiel.

I was worried that maybe Zarqawi had assassinated Dear Old IowaHawk, since he seems to have a spy in his camp in Iraq... and it has been a very long time since he posted. So I was praying everything would be alright, and that the adherents of The True Religion of Peace hadn't issued a fatwa against yet another writer. Because, as everyone knows, terrorists don't like it when you make fun of them. In fact, it sends 'em over the frickin' cliff!

Glad you're okay, IowaHawk!

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