Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Livres Sans Borders™

In light of Border's recent announcement that it is declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, I am posting a link to Bernie's article on why it is a good thing for Borders Books to close, and a re-post of why I essentially thought the same thing. Hopefully, all the links are still good.

Via The New Individualist: Here's the most cogent fisking of Borders' decision not to permit the April/May edition of Free Inquiry on its shelves, due to the anticipated threat of violence against their customers and employees. Hyah. Preemptive grovelling. Just. Great.

But hey! What do I see? Look at the magazine cover's lower right-hand corner. Seems to me there oughta be a fatwa on that apostate's head. Hmmm, maybe I am just paranoid. Surely, the appearance of Ibn Warraq's article about questioning the Qur'an isn't another reason to keep the magazine off of the shelves of the Ann Arbor, Michiganistan-based book store's shelves? Naaaaah.

I think what I will do is this:

Instead of writing any letters of protest to Borders, whose gray suits are sending out personalized form letters "explaining" their actions, I'll just go and pop myself up a bowl of hot buttered popcorn, and rent "High Noon".....yep. I can probably learn alot more from the movie than I can from the news. Besides, if you haven't seen the flashing banner to the right, below the 9/11 flashing banner, well, you must be reading this blog for the blog, and not the ads!

Ssssshh: Disclaimer: Yours very truly used to work at a large bookstore chain in the southern US of A, and I will tell you from experience, it is much better to buy your books from Amazon. All of the books in the bookstores, at least when I was working at this chainstore, including Borders are shipped through the Ingram warehouse in Nashville.
Talk about a monopoly! Also, if you haven't noticed, much of the publishing world is practically owned by Bertelsmann, and it is damn near impossible for the aspiring writer to get published. The only time you should go to a book store is for the coffee and to read a magazine. My personal magazine recommendation is the April/May edition of Free Inquiry, and I would recommend the Grande caramel moccachino with extra whipped creme.

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