Monday, May 22, 2006

Bloody Intermission from the Games (click title)

I couldn't let this story go without commenting. If you have never visited Gates of Vienna, please do so now. Stop reading and go directly to the Fjordman Report.
I wrote about the curious case of Stockholm Syndrome plaguing Swedish Police
awhile back, but Fjordman's reports are sterling. He reports and says what those in the Drive-By Media refuse to report or say.
The reason I find his reports so troubling, is that I know a Swede. He lives next door with his lovely wife. He is young, and proudly Swedish, but if you were to ask him about the situation of immigration and crime in Sweden, where he visits his family often each year, you would think things are going swimmingly. And maybe they are, for lemmings. But when I ask him to comment, he gets fearful, and he is in deep denial. I pray for his country. It is hard not to love the Scandinavians, given that so many have settled in Infidelphia and made her a great nation, and given the fierce warriors from whom they are descended. It would be tragic to see Scandinavia become extinct. We may pretend to laugh at the demise of France, but there are French who are not taking it anymore. They are beginning to fight back. It remains to be seen, however, how successful the French will be, since they have a long and lustrous history of capitulation and fraternizing with their enemies. Sweden, Norway, and to a lesser degree, Denmark, all seem to think the problem is THEIR racism. And this couldn't be further from the truth.
Fjordman's article is long, often difficult to read, but it is full of eye witness accounts. Overall, a bleak outlook. Take the time and read it carefully.

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