Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Its Gonna be Just like the Boston Tea Party, only with Bricks and Fake money and Postage stamps! Postage Stamps!!!

This is actually a two-fer:

Faye T. sent me a letter asking me to let as many folks know about the project to let our representatives (Those Bastards!™) in Washington D. C. know how you feel about our unsecured borders. Send-a-Brick has all the details, while The Cero Peso Campaign is busy counterfeiting
special money for funding the reelection campaigns of your elected officials (Those Bastards!™) Let 'em know that you won't be sending them any REAL money to go a-campaigning with until they secure our borders. All it takes is, oh I dunno, A friggin' WALL, maybe?

Muchas Gracias to Faye T. and The Gathering Storm for the excellent, witty ways to protest.
Might I suggest, that when you send your brick, you attach a Cero Peso with it!. Click on the Gringo Peso above and print it out. Easy Squeezy!

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