Wednesday, May 3, 2006

It's Like Jazz on Paper

The amazing thing about the internet is not just the immediacy with which stories are told, but the nature of the stories, themselves. The internet can link absolute strangers together and enable the kind to be kinder still, the entrepreneurial to be even more entrepreneurial.
Take the case of Gary Musselman. I am not going to tell his story here, because I don't even know him. I would like to. After reading his story, I know that you will want to know him and share his story as well. The person to whom I must give credit is The Advice Goddess, Amy Alkon, and to Amy's friends who have given help and support to Gary. While this is no spoiler for the story, let's just say, a little help goes a loooooooong way!

Progress by Gary Musselman

Now, for a taste of Gary's art. I am only posting one of his pieces, because I would like you to go to his site and see what else he does. Words. Word art. I absolutely love this piece. As Amy aptly puts it, it is like Jazz on Paper. I have a special fondness for jazz art, because my father is both an abstract artist and a jazz musician. I grew up with the smell of linseed oil in my nostrils and Oscar Peterson in my ears. I hope the best for Gary in his newfound venture, and I offer praise to women I have never met for helping him without stooping to condescension. Kudos and Best Wishes to all around!

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