Monday, May 1, 2006

Little Girls In Dar el Islam are never too young to learn that they are worthless

Isaac Schrödinger is probably one of the best commentators on all things relating to Islam on the web. He is a murtad, like Ali Sina, of course, and thus, someone whose words of warning ought to be taken literally.
*sigh* Never gonna happen.
Here is an example of why I will never, ever become a Muslim, and why I will fight like hell those gutless misogynists who wish to convert me, or else just rape or kill me or my children.
The only crime this child is guilty of, is tripping over the edge of the imam's prayer rug while he was praying, after which, he stood up, and bollixed her in such a manner as to leave both eyes blackened and her nose broken. She is only six. How long it will be before one of her male relatives or even her mother has to slit her throat remains to be seen. But she got the message: Allah hates girls. Allah hates ME. It wasn't just the Imam pounding her sweet visage into a black and blue paste, it was Allah, commanding him to...Why is it the poor imam must endure such vile creations of Allah? Why Allah, did you make so many people for your righteous sons to hate? It is a taxing, all day thing, you know, hating is. So many people to convert and kill, why do they hate us righteous sons of Allah so? It is for their own good. I guess....
If I say, as Isaac has said, "Do not allow private schools for muslims to open in the West, because this is what will happen to the children, especially the girls in these schools", will anyone with the power to decide these things listen?
*crickets chirping*

UPDATE: Via Religion of Peace and Western Resistance.
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Pakistan: Muslim Council Will Kill Those Who Report Honor Killings
Dir is a region in North-West Frontier Province Pakistan, lying north of Peshawar and adjoining the border with Afghanistan. In 1996, Dir was split in half into two administrative regions, Upper Dir and Lower Dir.
Upper Dir is, socially, backwards beyond belief, and the roles of women are, as in other tribal regions, no better than chattels. It was recently reported that the literacy rate for women in the agency is only 6%. The overall literacy rate is only 21% in the region. Only some children attend school, and in 2001, a child was given the death sentence in Upper Dir. Ali Sher is now 15, and still in jail.
The local culture continues in spite of the national government, and often in defiance of its rulings. The most extreme example comes in a report from Pakistan's Daily Times. In Nihag-Dara district, Wari, as in many tribal areas of North-West Frontiier Province, the local law is upheld by elders of the Muslim village council, or jirga. 15 days ago, the jirga of Nihag-Dara, Upper Dir, announced a decision which said that honor-killing was a permissable act.
The Wari police state that 150 people attended this jirga, called by members of the Painda Dhel tribe. However, Malik Faiz Muhammad, one of the jirga members, claims 4,000 people, representing the entire region, were present. Some union council representatives also attended the jirga.
Nationally, honor-killing was outlawed officially a year ago, as we reported earlier, along with "compensation marriages" called vani in Punjab province, and swara in North-West Frontier province.
The Pakistan Human Rights Commission (HCRP) recently stated that about 1,000 women are killed every year in Pakistan in these honor-killings, but such cases rarely get reported.
The announcement of the fatwas made by jirgas, such as those concerning swara (vani) marriages, where girls are given away in forced marriages as a compensation for a crime committed by a male relative, has created a reaction of disgust in the more civilised parts of Pakistan. The decision to condone honor killings has taken national reactions into consideration, as it also allows the killing of anyone who reports on a jirga decision on honor-killing.
Yesterday, Malik Faiz Muhammad said: "We stick to our verdict that honour killing is permissible and those who commit it will not be liable to any punishment. We will also not allow the aggrieved party to report the case to the police or file the case before a court. We will kill those who will violate the jirga verdict."
Muhammad said that the jirga itself would do its investigation of cases which would merit homor-killing, and would carry out the punishments without outside interference. He claimed that members of the jirga were prepared to sacrifice themselves to uphold the verdict.
The federal government has asked the North-West Frontier provincial government to investigate the jirga's decision. The senior policeman for the Upper Dir district said the government would not accept the "illegal" verdict of the jirga, and saying all similar cases would be registered and dealt with under federal law.

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