Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For my Beloved Immortal, a very Happy 23rd Anniversary!

Via: VideoSift

I want to wish my husman (that's what I call him) a very, very happy 23rd anniversary. Eloping with you was the best thing I ever did. Every time I look at our growing girls, I am prouder and prouder to be your wife. You have been the most giving, loving man I know. You have sacrificed your time, your wealth and your health to provide for your family, and to be able to spend time with us. You have never betrayed our love. You have never cut your children or me down with harsh, cruel words.

You have never been dishonest in your dealings with me or with anyone. You are the most transparent man I know, and I have never told you that I love you enough.
I do not need fancy jewelry. I do not need a high priced restaurant or even flowers.

Last night's walk together as a family after dinner was the best time spent.

I love you.

The above video is a timelapse travel across America. I know you wanted to travel across America on bikes with Stauche, and Lord willing, you will do so before you die. Julia sent me this clip. Enjoy watching it!

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