Thursday, June 1, 2006

Some New Things to happen on my blog

Cartoon by Jean-Jacques Sempé

Many folks, mostly friends and bloggers on other sites, have often said that I should write a book. It seems that the many stories I tell are entertaining to normal and psychologically happy people who have had rational parents and events make up their balanced but boring childhoods. I cannot say that, however, and as a result of a comically dysfunctional childhood inflicted upon me by my parents, (always blame others) I find myself growing bored with the kind of commentary I have been posting.

I just don't get angry much these days. Not even at the Glorious, Boastful Sons of Allah. Does anyone get surprised anymore at the Antics of the Religion of Peace™? I don't. It is all so predictable. First they fume, then they detonate themselves: whitewash, deceive, kablooie!, repeat as before. So, I just don't get upset....if anything, the political scene is so corrupt and dysfunctional, that the only emotion I can conceivably muster is that of contempt and ridicule...which is what I haven't really been doing. I miss that, so I am going to go back to doing that. In addition, I will be adding a generous recounting of my not so boring past, whenever it suits me. And as an added bonus, there will be no moral to the stories I tell. Why, you ask? Because, I just. Don't. Give a Damn No More.
Til then, Ciao, Dahlinks!


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I know the Sempé family because I live in Paris. You must write a book about your life! The stories about your family are unique.

  2. I love Sempé! My brothers and sisters and I have all been told to write a book, and the wonderful thing is, you don't need a publisher to do it anymore. You can self publish. I have thought about doing just that!


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