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The Best Sources for News from Israel

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Note to the following people: Annie and Joem @DiscardedLies, and all the Jews and Israelis who comment there, to Sarah from Beit El, Israel @ Arutz Sheva, with whom I had the pleasure of talking to on the phone, Sarah who sounded so dejected and alone in the world: I wanted to let you all know how much we care about Israel, and that we fully support you in your suffering, and that you are in our hearts and prayers.

Sunday, my brother and his family were having dinner with us, and apparently drunk on the vodka sauce, he let slip his inhibitions and spoke freely about a topic that many of us find too embarrassing to talk about.

That's right.

I am talking about blogging.

He is of the opinion that people who blog must lead pathetic lives, are narcissistic, and have nothing to say worth reading.

Well, that may be true of Yours Very Truly here, but remember:

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Without a propagandizing state-owned and subsidized press and Marxist proseletyzers of state-funded universities, there would never have been a need for independent and reliable sources of information.

Without the blatant invention of the news by state-owned television stations and national dailies, there would be no need for a blogosphere.

The revolution in media started in America in the late 1980s with the repealing of the "Fairness Doctrine".

Enter Rush Limbaugh, and a window was opened with a fresh breeze of needed
news analysis and debunking.

Limbaugh is a gurgling fount of opinions that most Americans held under their hats, and his daily program allowed for the release of all that pent-up frustration with the press, the culture and our government.

I know, because I was priviledged to be one of his regular callers from 1990 to 1994.

He was the first conservative to be funny, to fight the lefttards with weaponry that only they thought they possessed: parodies and comedy.

In other words, he ridiculed their ideas, and we loved him for doing it!

Rush ventured out to television, but in my mumbled opinion he wasn't very good at it. His milieu is radio and always will be. He is the "voice".

Following Rush came others, most notably Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. (My personal favorite of the three at this time is Glenn Beck, but only because he is funnier than Rush and Sean) and of course - let us not forget the perpetually angry Michael Savage, whose theme is Anger: it is good for you.

But now, for the last two years, but not limited to them, a new source for reliable information has arisen from the smoldering carcass of a defunct press:

The Blogosphere.

There are many kinds of blogs.

Those that are the best aren't necessarily conservative. Some are written by libertarians and former Democrats.

Many of the most excellent blogs are written by experts in particular fields, such as defense analysis, law, high tech fields, and of course, why not? Journalists who are actually good journalists.

Some of the blogs deal mainly with debunking shoddy journalism, digging deeper into the investigation aspect, while others, like myself, simply comment on the scene around us in our own small corner of the world.

The Iraq and Afghan fronts in this war are being covered by excellent milblogs.

And the Israeli front is being brought to us by the Israeli and Jewish blogs!

And WHAT a breathtaking supply of excellent writing and analysis coming out of Israel and the Jewish blogosphere there is, today!

The press who used to faithfully flog the Palestinian dead horse of Israeli occupation, Israeli terrorism, Israeli persecution, are no longer finding any willing takers anymore. Pallywood is burning.

The press-generated myth of disproportionate response is a colossal failure, and a prime example of just how ineffectual the mainstream press has become these days.

People who hunger for the truth don't like the taste of dead horse, anymore, and we can now see for ourselves how the press has lied, lied, LIED!

And THAT is a very good thing~ also sprach Martha Stewart

Today's featured J-blog is Atlas Shrugs. Be sure to download the mp3 of Pamela's on- air conversation with Rush Limbaugh, and follow her many links to other excellent bloggers.

I only WISH I'd had an mp3 of the many times I spoke with Rush.

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