Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Priceless Kodak Moment

Get used to it, chinless wonder. The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but they are mighty weighty. Oh, but let's not leave
your big sister out of the picture. Oh, I know, It's so easy to forget when you are so frickin' busy with the end of the school year graduation festivities!
Apparently, much to everyone's relief, the chronic shortage of little boys has been erased! Great news for the class of 1384! Seems like they have just enough boys to make it an official war! Hoo waah! but ain't grampa the smart one! If you are a male in your 40s, you won't have to go to war....just send the snot-nosed 9-year old boys to do the work. And where they once sent in all those shining, fresh-faced boys with plastic keys to clear the mine fields, storm the gates of Heaven, the boys have graduated as their OWN mines! The 1380s have proven to be a time of complete modernization for Iran.
But hey, thanks for telling us what your plans for summer vacation are. Be sure to send us lots of pictures! Bubbye, now, and take care!
Major blog-grovelling to GateWay Pundit and the Prairie Pundit for their better analysis on these unfolding stories.
Your featured source for Israel news today is Ynet News
and your featured Israeli blogger for news analysis is Aussie Dave!

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