Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I have been having problems with Word Press lately. I am trying to get my blog rolling on that account, since Blogger, home for Blogtards like myself, is being delisted from major search engines, due to Splog, or spoof blog sites that simply spam everyone, especially those with Blogger accounts. I have enjoyed working on Blogger, and I like the look. WordPress isn't nearly as good in my opinion, with the layouts and varieties, but maybe I should look into getting a site designed through WordPress. The costs are reasonable. It is reasonably priced.

The problem I have been having with WordPress is that everytime I try to log on, I get an error message that reads: Incorrect password. So I try to have a new one sent, and when it comes, and I carefully type it in, I get a message that reads: Error: Incorrect password. This is happening to every site which uses Word Press. And those sites are Israpundit and Hot Air. For some reason, I can still log on to my account at Democracy Frontline. I think that is because the password was set for me by the sitemasters there. Sigh. Someone, please give me some good advice. I am getting all pent up. I need to pianoblog.....Ian is having a crisis with his barlines. I think he believes if he doesn't stop at each one he may break his mother's back. So a 15 second song is taking forever, and I need to rant about that at WordPress.

Okay, I was able to log onto my site after they reset the password and didn't randomly generate one for me. But I am thinking of signing on with BlueHost for a year to see how it goes. Any ideas or suggestions? Any caveats for this emptoress?

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