Thursday, August 3, 2006

An Infidel commemorates Tish'a B'av (The Ninth of Av)

Video can be found at You Tube and Solomonia

Today is the Ninth of Av. It is a day of sorrow, fasting, weeping and remembering.

We don't have anything like it in Christendom. Not Good Friday. Not Ash Wednesday.

Tish'a B'av is a day of historical calamities.

Please click the title link for a a definitive explanation of this important holiday.

How do we, in the rest of the world even begin to understand the evil that surrounds Israel? How do we begin to contemplate what their enemies have in store for us, if we don't support the Jews?

We must look at their enemies, because their enemies are children.

An unfortunate truth. A hideous truth.

The cowardly adults have taken their own children and sacrificed them to their evil god of death.

From American Digest

Child Care

Children are easy.
One gun will rule dozens.
Shoot one, the rest will obey.

Children are easy
To keep and control.
No need to water or feed.

Children are easy.
Their tears are quite tiny.
No need to hear them or heed.

Children are easy.
They gather in schools.
It's simple to beat them en masse.

Children are easy.
Their bones are like sticks.
You can snap them in two if you please.

Children are easy,
And much cheaper to kill.
One bullet can blow away three.

Children are easy.
There will always be more
For the bags, for the bags, for the bags on the floor.

And please read this article from American Digest as well.

As non Jews, we have an obligation to commemorate Tish'a B'av:

We must weep for the children who are so callously sacrificed with wicked glee by their evil parents and teachers, and we must weep for the children who were taught, "Thou shalt not kill" whose parents tearfully and painfully must relinquish them to God's care, in order that civilisation and with it the whole world survives.

Pray for those who sacrifice themselves for a greater good.

Pray for their enemies, that God would lighten their darkened and foolish minds, and heal their souls.

Pray for their children.

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