Sunday, August 6, 2006

We are all Hezbollah, now! or...Why Britain is doomed

In case you're wondering why I have put up a picture of
Sir Pat/Locutus of Borg-scroll down , it is because he and his folk are about to become assimilated, and resistance would be futile. Patrick Stewart left the US, not long after Dubya stole the throne from His Epicene Highness Al.

(Apparently, Sir Pat got his tights in a bunch over the Republican coup and left Hollywood in a snit. Not sure what make and model the snit was, but I hear she's gorgeous, and just a scosh over the legal age and even
has a job! Way to go, Sir Pat!)

Let's just take a look at his beloved England to see how things are faring in the future.

Personally, I have little or no hope for this once great culture, since it has developed a severe case of Historical Amnesia.

Where once we had the bastions of rigorous intellect and reason, and a center for reformed Christian thought, we now see Teletubbies and BooBah, and chavs and one-eyed Abu Hamza al Masri and his wives and welfare checks.

Really, blokes, you've brought this on yourselves. You say we're all Hezbollah, well then fine. I'll play the game with you. I will be a Hezbo, too. First thing, come September 11th, I am going to set a Katyusha rocket launcher up on top of the elementary school and fire me some hot Jew hate toward the newly built House of Joooz (synagogue) down the road, a piece.

If and when they fire back, and they almost certainly will, because they are Zionazi Joo baby killers, I will be long gone, and they will kill all the little kindergardeners inside. YAY! Prop-O-Ganda coup! Dude, does it get any better than this?

Oh yeah, because I'm Hezbo, the local press will want sympathetic pics of dead and disfigured tots for the afternoon paper, so they'll send over a pliant photog, who will take pictures where I tell him to shoot, and you know why?

Cuz I'm the beeyotch wearing the orange emergency worker vest and wearing the green helmet. Cuz I'm Hezbo, now.

Well, I doubt things will come to it as badly in the US as they have in the Old Country, but here's a glimpse of their future Utopia in Sharia Paradise:

Yes, we are all Hezbians, now. Hezbian. I like that. Kind of emasculating and easy to say. Hezbians. Rhymes with Lesbians. And looking at some of the femmes in here you can see why I would say that.

Did you hear the Dumb Blonde joke about the Dumb Blonde who was identifying herself as a Hezbian, and therefore really into misogyny, and female genital mutilation, and using children as suicide bombers? No? Well, here's a picture of the punchline for you.

Dollies! Getcher red hot dollies right here, folks! What little girl wouldn't want a bloody amputated doll on Death to Israel Day?

And what red hot dolly would be complete without accessories? Those shoes are to DIE FOR! Really.

If you truly want to see why England is so doomed, look at the Dhimmified Police Farce that is England's. Nothing to see here, folks, move on.

And now the hoisting of the New Improved Union Jack! Not quite as easy to draw as Ye Olde Union Jack, but why dicker about that? As far as I am concerned, Locutus has hoist himself on his own Picard.

All photos were posted at Moonbatmedia.
Except for Locutus. But that's just a matter of time. Heh.

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