Saturday, September 30, 2006

A "what if" proposal: Today's what if: Muslims actually assassinate Pope Benedict

Video courtesy of The People's Cube

I put this question to Thomas Lifson the other day, and while I haven't heard back from him, I will put it to anyone who might stumble upon this site:
What if the angry seething sons of the Religion of Peace™ succeed in assassinating Pope Benedict?
What will the reaction of the world be to seeing the multitudes of joyful, ululating future shahids and shahidas dancing in the streets of Beirut, Cairo or Paris?
Will Europe grow a spine? My bet is that they will finally acknowledge that "they didn't really need a pope anyway...Really. It's no big loss "

Your thoughts and wagers, please.

I would have thought that the dismemberment of unarmed westerners and the hoisting of their body parts in Fallujah would have been the tipping point, but I was wrong. Then I figured the beheading of Nick Berg was a tipping point, but again, I was wrong. The atrocity in Beslan, I was oh so sure that that would have convinced everyone, but no, nada. Barely a whimper on the nightly news. So this is why I think that if the Pope is assassinated, Europe will bitch like a woman, but in the end, not do anything about it, because ultimately, European rulers are pussies.

UPDATE: From Mr. Lifson:

First, I pray the Pope isn't assassinated.

Europe is clearly starting to wake up. I don't look for an actual outbreak of war. Just a toughening, and maybe eventually an end to Muslim immigration. But they are already screwed.

The Pope is attending to a worldwide flock. That is his job But I am positive that he intends to change the secularization of Europe. He wasn't tithe (?) Church to lead an awakening there. And his assassination (God forbid!) might well spark this.

But he is too brilliant a man to lose. I don't know who else might be waiting in the wings. My assumption is that nobody anticipates an assassination. He may not go to Turkey.

I hope so, Thomas. I really hope so. Sometimes we have to feel the lash to wake up, though, and what exactly will be the end of Western civilization must be left for the remnants who survive and have to clean up our mess.

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