Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And the point of this being what, exactly?

Image stolen without a hint of remorse from Lucianne.com
Ahmed may be taking a picture of his wives and daughters out on a rare stroll, but the finished product will look as if he left the lens cap on.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

True free speech is costly

From the Jewish Virtual Library:

Hans Scholl (left), Sophie Scholl (center), and Christoph Probst (right),
leaders of the White Rose resistance organization. Munich, Germany, 1942
(USHMM Photo).

It is Thanksgiving week following a particularly nasty political season, and I have a few thoughts about the first freedom: Freedom of speech and the press. Something we have taken for granted...or as my kids used to say, and it is probably more accurate -"For granite." (Alas, while it is written on parchment, our first freedom is not engraved in stone.)

Being able to say whatever you think and believe without worrying about losing your life or your head is a pretty good thing. But are we really able to do that in this country anymore?

Yes and no. We may not lose our heads for saying our piece, but we can lose our livelihoods, our reputations, even our freedom. Thus, we no longer exercise freedom of speech. I say that we no longer exercise freedom of speech, because regardless of whatever form of government has all the power, the ability to speak your mind freely or not, is a choice you make.

Take the example of Hans and Sophie Scholl. As young adults in college they paid the ultimate price for exercising their ability to speak freely against Adolph Hitler and his ruinous war. They were executed by the Nazis for daring to speak out against a tyrant.

Now contrast that with today's average college student. We do not live under a despotic tyranny, as the lemmings of the left would have us believe. George Bush isn't the new Hitler-lite, and there are no death camps for the sole purpose of exterminating gay, muslim, feminist and other pouting minorities who seem to think otherwise. There are no death trains, no mass executions, no special ghettos to keep the low castes in their place while Dubya finalizes the final solution.

But to hear the left-tard academics in the university shriek, you would believe that the Holocaust is well underway. It is, of course, but it isn't being conducted by the usual whipping boys that the Mainstream press love to vilify. Christians, apostates and women in general, throughout the Muslim world would tell you where the genocides are occurring, if it weren't for the complicit, willing self-censorship of the free world's press.

It is a creepy form of censorship, a paralysis of the mind that has shackled the mouths of millions from saying what they know in their hearts to be true.

No secret police agent comes in the middle of the night and whisks us away in the Black Maria, we don't disappear down the memory hole, and we aren't denounced by our own children...yet, but we are oppressively censored, nonetheless.

We censor ourselves, WILLINGLY, because we don't wish to hurt anyone's feelings. That is the first link in the chain of tyranny.

Think of it. We have traded the right to state our most cherished beliefs, and our right to dissent from the oppressive mob, in order not to hurt the feelings of despots and terrorists!

I chose Hans and his sister to best represent the authenticity of bravely speaking freely, regardless of the outcome, because they were college kids, like my college kids and your college kids. My college kid has to muzzle her opinions in the face of thousands of lies every day, just in order to get good grades and to graduate. If she were to speak her mind on most any topic that the professors or undergraduate poseurs should find offensive, she could be humiliated publicly, denounced as a racist, extremist, or even be expelled for saying her opinions. It happens with frightening regularity!

She, like other college students, must undergo a thorough attempt at brainwashing, by being forced to take nonsensical courses in Marxist/Feminist/Offended Minority dogma, and she must confess her guilt for all the past crimes of humanity for merely being white and American.

I don't know how many kids can come through this sort of psychological abuse unscathed, but I suspect she will, because she knows her history, she has a firm grasp of her own mind and reality. Other kids are not so fortunate. Many may mouth the empty platitudes, but others will in the end, like Winston, come to love Big Brother.

One reason that Hans and Sophie Scholl were able to come to the realization that Hitler was an evil monster, in spite of the efforts of the Hitler Youth to brainwash them, is because of their parents, who were unafraid to tell their own children the truth.

This is interesting, since many kids will not veer too far from their parents' philosophies, if they have had a good relationship with them.

I don't worry too much about my college kid in that sense, but so many others lose themselves to this evil idiocy....and they always seem to wind up with power and the need to enforce their speech codes on the rest of us.

May we always be thankful for the right and privilege to speak candidly and forthrightly, and may we find ourselves emboldened to speak freely when others tell us that we may not do so.

Photo by Guillaume Louyot

Especially in the presence of cowards and tyrants.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Days are Here Again!

"Motherhood" by Yihang Pan

I am glad to be neither Democrat nor Republican.

To be a Democrat is to be afflicted with the insanities of a barren life solely seen through a political glass, where every aspect of living has a political remedy that only Democrats can foist upon us all, if only they have enough power. Such a life is nothing but band-aid measures, short-sidedness and finally condemned by unforeseen consequences.

To be a Republican these days, on the other hand, is to be rudderless, having forsaken the ideals that made the party and the nation great, and well, that is even sadder.

Who throws away such an inheritance but an ungrateful spendthrift? That is the Republican party.

But I guess this is where the people want to be. It is a democracy, and I'm in favor of it, even when my guys lose.

Curiously, I find myself relieved from having to put up with all the political ads. I also find that now that the Dems are in power, I can look forward to finding my own solutions for myself and my family when it comes to security, since I know they have no answers, and people like me don't need complicated solutions, anyway, since we have common sense.

I can only imagine how the sufferers of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) will revel in their new glut of power, and how they will feast on it, but I am nowhere near it, it's nowhere near me, and I don't feel the need, at least at this time, to stockpile weapons and canned goods, and move my family into a cabin somewhere in Idaho.

I want only to focus on that Eternal Country, to feed the flock, to clothe the naked, to pray for the prisoners, to be unashamed of my beliefs. There is no political route for me here, just as there was no political answers coming from Jesus to His followers, either.

I haven't spent much time in church lately, since after 9/11/01 our pastor preached nary a word about the horrific events of the previous Tuesday morning. All he talked about was raising funds for the Water Slide Outreach in Hungary. Slippin' and slidin' fer Jesus.

Being powerless is for me a good thing. Being weak, I feel strengthened. There are many people in the world who hurt and are abused living under intolerable conditions, many are Christians, like myself. I would rather identify with them than any political party in all its temporal glory.

Having said all that, I know what the consequences are probably going to be down the road, and the time I have now will be used to prepare myself and my loved ones for that possible eventuality.

I always tell my daughters that economies never stay strong forever, that justice is not always going to be a given, that truth will not win in the end sometimes, and to look into the forgotten abyss of history.

Not at the big wars, but at the calm times before the wars even started.

The one characteristic of people the whole wide world over and throughout time, is their cluelessness and irrational belief that all is well, when it isn't.

Reality is only real if we talk about it, right? If we just don't talk about the evils which stalk us the evils will never catch us... they don't exist, after all, if we don't talk about them.

People talked about "peace in our time," and treaties and agreements that were very reasonable were waved for the fawning press...we all saw where that went, now didn't we? And so we are once again governed by hypocrites and fools, who talk about timetables for quitting an active war zone, and prosecuting the president, damn the consequences, full speed ahead. Right over the cliff.

I don't plan on going over the cliff with them, people like me survive in all kinds of situations, and we will survive this, too. We just have to be courageous in stating the obvious. Courage is much easier when taken with a good snort of ridicule.

So, let us wait and watch, and occupy ourselves with better things. Let us go ahead and continue to warn our fellow countrymen, even though we know they won't believe or listen to us.

Happy days really are here, again.

God preserve the United States of America.