Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life is so Complicated

You simply have to watch the trailers of this film. There is even a COLORING BOOK!

This is the title character of the Korean animated film, "Doggy Poo". I have a lot of questions about what might be wrong with South Korean society...don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with a culture where they eat DOGS....per se, but really....this is' is just. wrong.
On so many levels. Where to start? Well, I can imagine the poor North Koreans watching this and thinking, "that's one tasty looking turd, there. I wonder if the Dear Leader will allot us more feces than we usually get."
Or maybe they are thinking, "The Dear Leader ALWAYS gets to eat the DOG, while we are stuck eating only the feces! NOT FAIR!" And the specter of feces, I mean food riots breaking out in Pyongyang seem almost promising. At least one hopes.

Oh well, a hilarious and mercifully brief synopsis of this 2003 movie can be found HERE, and try not to spew anything hot at the computer....I take no responsibility.

Speaking of which, Throbert's cat's poo found his purpose! (scroll down the page a bit)

While I don't dislike Korean cuisine, per se..... I draw the line at the North Korean cat poo recipe pictured above. There are some ethnic foods that are just. never. kosher.

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