Sunday, September 16, 2007

How to Live Dangerously

Just when I was beginning to despair that Israel was committing national suicide, Omri gently pulled me back from the ledge with this soothing reminder of the superiority of Western Civilization. So I am stealing this from him and shamelessly posting it here, with my two shekels added. First of all, the clip isn't nearly long enough. If you click on Omri's link above, you will get to see more videos embedded. There is something ethereal about classical music that puts to bed all this nonsense that evolution explains away everything. The devil and Allah, perhaps they are one and the same. They both hate music. May Israel molt off this evil skin of corrupt governance that has wrapped itself around her and may she be redeemed by the best and brightest of her righteous sons and daughters. Keep blogging, Omri! God Bless Israel.

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