Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why the name change?

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I don't usually do two posts in one night. I guess I must be a little ambitious. Rather, I think it is the restless leg syndrome acting up again...and it is really a nasty annoyance. Lately, I have been limping. My legs are cramping more at night, they feel weak when I stand, and lying down just aggravates them. So I relish these productive bouts of insomnia.

I post comments at a great number of blogs. Strike that. I post comments at a number of really great blogs.

Discarded Lies has by far, the most eclectic bunch of people adding their two cents. I mean really eclectic. And eccentric. The wit coming out of the minds of these people is sharper than any blogging knife in the internet knife block. We get each other's jokes, and add to them. If you are ever looking for genuine conversation on the internet, Discarded Lies is probably the best source. All the commentators are contributors in one way or another. I would not hesitate to say that DL is the only blog which is a living, breathing entity, with its own life...and soap opera, where we all are characters in the Ferkakta Diner.

Next up is Bookworm Room. This lovely lawyer lady is a thoughtful and excellent writer. She is also one of the most honest thinkers I have come across. I admire and respect her. She writes in a way I only wish I could, but at least she lets me comment and doesn't make fun of me if I sound silly or misinformed.

Little Green Footballs
. I am one of the lucky people who managed to get registered in one of the fleeting five minute windows of opportunity that opens up rarely. I treat my registration there like gold, along with the thousand or so other registrants. Occasionally, I will get the chance to post early, like before 780, but those are the rare times, and who really reads all those posts anyway?

Gates of Vienna, which keeps its watchful eyes on the jihadists in our midst, and in the midst of others...especially Scandinavia. I adore the Baron and Dymphna.

Faith Freedom. I admire greatly what Ali Sina is doing on behalf of the apostates of the world. He has bravely opened up his forum to allow Muslims to post their hatred and bile, and for the most part, most of the Muslims attempt to debate the nonbelievers with a lot of blather, but overall, it is a well-written exposé of Islam. I would go so far to say that this site, along with a number of others is integral to the defense of western civilization.

Finally, I really like posting at Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch, where I posted today. The topic was the ignorance prevailing in academia, and which is why I changed the name of this blog again. Here is one of the comments to one of the comments left on this article, written by Hugh Fitzgerald:

"Why are we all sitting here talking, and not doing anything?"-- from a posting above

I agree with Huge's much more intelligent retort. I am but a mere baker, and I must be the most informed baker in the bakery about Islam and Jihad....and only because of sites like this. In 2000, I was very multi-culti, and anti-Israel. I eagerly believed all that I read on the Beeb and didn't question anything. Even muslim atrocities before 9/11, even the treatment of women didn't move me. In fact, I remember VIVIDLY, how, in the 80s we were pro-mujahedin and sided with the Afghans against the Soviet Union. It was so very easy back then. After all, they were the source of all that was evil in the universe, were they not? I easily dismissed the blowing up of Jews (occupiers) and terrorism in Europe....with the exception of Libya, who was another source of evil in the universe.
And all the while, I called myself conservative! If I, but a woman, and lowly baker with no smarts, other than the knowledge that salt is NOT sugar, can figure out what the press strains in its own chains to avoid seeing, well, then, are there not others more intelligent than I, who have figured it out, too?

Posted by: Jauhara Al-Kafirah

And his response:

"but a mere baker..."
-- from a posting above

Erratum sheet:

strike "but"; strike "mere"

And while we are at it:

strike, after "If I" what follows: "but a woman, and lowly baker with no smarts, other than the knowledge that salt is NOT sugar," then pick up again with "can figure out"

Now that we've got that settled, try to think of La Fornarina -- Signorina Luti -- and what she did for Raphael, and what he did for her.
Posted by: Hugh

So I have decided to be the baker cum counterterroriste that I was meant to be.

My response to this lovely comparison:

Pork Pies

Huge, Darth Batman, enjoy a lovely, hot, freshly baked pork pie from Signorina Luti!

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