Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I wanna be a Democratic Poster Child! Pick Me!

I really wish that the Democrats would have called my family first. I mean, look at that picture of the sad, sad baby. That's us. On PA-CHIP. Yep. We got insurance through the kind auspices of our state children's health insurance program.

Only problem is... is... well. I will try to explain it so that a reporter can get it.

We qualified for CHIP through the tentacles, I mean, the concerns of the Public School Scheme.

We filled out forms, included our tax returns, and voilĂ ! Like magic, our 4 progenies were covered!

We received our insurance cards, picked out by the Office of Wealth Redistribution and went to our local clinic to go shopping. When we got to the checkout the medical business, that is the first place you go, by the way, we were told that the doctors don't take patients with this insurance company! So we had to wait a year, in order to get a new one, and by that time, we still were paying out of pocket. Of course, you say, why get a different doctor who would take your insurance, then? Good question. Here is my answer: Why should I have to get a new doctor, when we were satisfied with what we had, and our doctors had seen us for years before, and knew my kids so well? Why have to do that? Some things are worth keeping and paying through the nose for, if you have to.

Finding a dentist who would take our insurance was even harder. And when the kids were diagnosed with severe allergies, we had to wait more than a month for a doctor to see them. Meanwhile, the CHIP office changed our insurance company, and when we went in, the whole process had to be repeated!

Our youngest had premature onset of puberty. Seeing a specialist required a six month wait at one hospital nowhere near us, and in the end, we discovered the cure would have been worse than the early puberty itself, and worse....this treatment, still experimental, wasn't covered.

I am of the opinion that a simple solution is always the best. It works with my chiropractor. Doctors simply offer their patients a menu-type of payment plan. I can choose to pay a lump sum of $320, and get 12 treatments. Or, I could pay a flat fee of 35 dollars for each treatment.
Either way, it is a much more reasonable way of paying for care.

Oh, I am sorry...This is a good idea. We are talking about Democrats.


Never mind.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

They make a lovely threeple

My sister is the one on the left. She went to the Martin Short show in KC...

$158 for 6th row center aisle seats.

$25 for the size 7X thong with $2 toy sandbag tied to the front..for thrust, when she threw it at her beloved Martin. ( I hope and pray he didn't get a restraining order.)

$1.79 for posterboard, $3.18 for the BadAss Black Sharpie.

Getting to say in words: "Quit begging, Martin, I'll marry you!" Priceless.