Thursday, March 20, 2008

LaLa & Rigid Scripted Order at NBC

This is gonna be a nail biter....not. I bet you can't guess whodunnit! Oh, wait, it's Law and Order. The outcome is not only known, but repeated and rinsed on a regular basis. Now, all we have to do is wait for the episode where the Jews are caught red-handed, making Matzo with the blood of Palestinians...oh wait, no we don't!

Lawless & Disorder: Gaza - Special Victims Unit

Is it the Jews' fault that the acting and music suck so badly on PaliTV? You can't blame them for that!

Well, I saw the L&O episode last night, and figured it out right away. In fact, the character - a preacher - Sean Astin, wasn't even quoting scripture. He was saying "scripturesque" sound bites (and incorporating every violation of New Testament scripture, to boot!) but in LaLa & Rigid Scripted Order Land that it is always the fundies and papists those quaking New Yorkers have to be worried about. Not only is Dick the Wolf recycling actors on his tired lame-ass show, but he's recycling old paranoid tropes as well.
Maybe he should head over to England, to once bucolic settings like Huddersfield...where the police are too frightened to investigate the Pakistani Pimp rings who lure under-aged, naive white girls into the sex trafficking market. The cops have a name for these non-investigations: 'maintaining social cohesion'- which is Orwellian for If You Press Charges Against a Muslim, and I have to Go and Arrest Him, He might Kill Me, so I will just Arrest You for Race Incitement. Fortunately, one of the girls, after being brutalized by her Paki Pimp, took her bloodied self over to the police, who decided finally that maybe they could do something about the disappearance of English girls into the Moslem sex trade. Two of the bastards are now serving gaol time in Jolly Old Ingliziah.

One more thing: Happy Purim!


  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Jauhara ... you are a great humanbeing, Tarek ( ).

  2. Thank you Mr. A Nony Mous. I thought mr Tarek's site interesting and it gave me hope for the region.


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