Thursday, April 24, 2008

Did Anyone Think This Through?

Words mean things, folks. In fact, I am sure this is a really good church. I might even attend once'd or twiced. I tend to visit without really committing. I don't know. The "contemporary" worship service leaves me feeling pretty empty. I get nothing out of the music, which is rock based and heavy on soloists, as opposed to the four-part harmonies we used to sing back in the day. And oy gevalt, the endless repetition! Maddening. Mindnumbing madness, I tell ya. Not judging here, but, if I had my druthers. (Maybe I will go back to the PCA. Alas, they became a Mega Church, and I feel overwhelmed by crowds. I am really phobic that way.)
Nevertheless, I wonder, when the executives in the department of Naming Stuff got together and decided to name this church, did they count on me, bored word smith and irreverent blogger making light of their carefully chosen name? I think not, because if they would have taken the time to think about what I, bored word smith and irreverent blogger would say about their Evangelical-free Church, they might have foreseen what some bored word smith and irreverent blogger would do. Like me, for instance.

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  1. seanymph12:59 AM

    Omg your too funny........... I love the sign!


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