Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PA Primary Results, not that I care

Hillary won....53% to 47%

Here's a good song for winners of PA Primaries, put together by Cakesecret: Hillary may have won PA, but she still may lose the nomination, if she puts some effort into it. Either way, the Democrats have become divided into fractious little elements. And since I have decided to sit this one out, I won't complain about any outcome. It will be what it will be, so don't lecture me about not voting. Not voting is a way of protesting too.

Alas, the war of ideas continues in spite of various setbacks for the candidates, so here is a plethora of political signage, thank you People's Cube....I would like to see one that says CHOAD or CHODE on it, but so few would get the joke. And I really hate having to explain punchlines.

And the winner of the PA Primary, sitting pretty in the middle:

I'm done. Go about your business, people.

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  1. seanymph1:04 AM

    I have an idea about protesting all of this politcal stuff this yr. Since we all know they are all liars and not qualified that means anybody in America would be better Im sure. So I propose this.........get out there and vote. EVERYONE but vote for yourself! That will really screw things up hehehee


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