Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well, England is off the list of places to visit

We have friends who live part of the year in London. They rave about it all the time. They love the fact that Europe is not much further beyond, and they visit Italy often. I envy them for that. They are quite wealthy, and thus are able to live in relative safety. That is usually how it is with the wealthy. If violent crime appears at all in their neighborhoods, then it is random or familial in some way. At any rate, they are protected from kind of victimization that people like Paul Ray are not.

Paul Ray, who blogs as Lionheart, is a native Briton, a former drug addict and Christian convert. He has helped his community by reporting on Pakistani drug traffickers and has also faithfully reported on the deterioration of the country he loves so much. As a thank you for his civic duty and patriotic efforts, he was threatened first by the dealers, and then...the police?! Yes, those same brave coppers that were mau-maued in the above video, those excessively polite and understanding bobbies whose sole job it seems is to keep its raucous angry and radicalized Muslim population from exploding. They do it by silencing those who would criticize or report crimes committed by Mulims, as Mr. Ray had done.

Read his blog for the details, but I would like to also mention a young man in passing, named Dominic, who died in a traffic accident. Here is his story about Law & Order in the British Isles:
I am printing the exact story as he told it on a thread at Jihad Watch.
Hugh Fitzgerald posted this reminder of what Dominic had said.

Several hundred postings by Dominic can be found at this site by googling "Posted by necessitasnonhabetlegem." A few others can be added by googling "Posted by dominic" or "Posted by Dominic."

Here is one, from December, not about the theory of Islam, but about the practice, as he, an Infidel, was merely taking the Tube, and that recent experience may have soured him on that form of transportation:

"I could not agree more with your last post if I tried. Yes, of course, moslems are an alien body in our midst. Every day in London - on the tube, in shops, in parks, whilst shopping, whilst going about the 101 tasks that make up an average life - this is borne in on me.

In London today moslems dress differently, are rude to locals, jump queues, shout at us, wave their fists at us, call us 'worthless infidel' in public and in loud voices. I have, just four days ago, been elbowed aside by a moslem couple, with sidekicks, whilst trying to top up my Oyster card at a tube station at the automatic machine. Apparently, I had taken longer than the ten seconds that they were prepared to wait and so three burly males forced me aside and, when I objected, pushed me to the floor and - quite literally - and took over the machine which I was attempting to use.

Not, in a crowded and impatient city like London that this was a surprise, but that in this instance that I was insulted by these people was a surprise. The eldest male in the group, dressed in the usual and ridiculous garb of mohammedans everywhere, looked directly at me amd said, in quite clear English, (and I quote verbatim) "Get out of our way infidel slave".

You may imagine how I felt at that moment. To be so insulted in my own capital city was stunning. It took all my self-control not to do something rash at that moment.

Knowing that CCTV cameras would have captured this incident I complained, some three hours later (after having completed my journey and return), to the British Transport Police on the Broadway. I need not have bothered. Not only would no-one there take my complaint of 'technical assault and insult' seriously but no-one to whom I spoke was even prepared to initiate any paperwork whatsoever nor were they remotely prepared to find and look at the video recordings. Indeed, one Officer even said to me that I 'should swallow my pride' and live with it because - and, once again, I quote verbatim 'you are just being racist and you have to remember that it's cultural with them'.

Obviously, at this point, I indicated that I felt that I had been physically assaulted and that I would really like to have my complaint investigated. Well, this is really where everything about that evening begins to stick in my craw. When I said that, the Officer of the BTP who was listening to me actually cautioned me and warned me that if I persisted with making a nuisance of myself I would be charged under the The Race Relations Act 1976 and the RRAA (Race Relations (Amendment) Act) 2000.

I gave up at this point. Cowardice is sometimes the better part of valour. But, damn it, they won, didn't they? I have been intimidated into a dhimmi position by them and the very powers which should have protected me in my own country.

"Happy New Year everyone", I say in a bitter tone of voice.


So this is where the good people of Britain are at this point in time. It is a shame that they have been shamed and cowed into such servile submission. Of course, they wouldn't see it this way, but how else can you see it? And Paul Ray continues to face prosecution of the very act mentioned above. For telling the truth. How long will it be before we face the same Thought Crimes Laws? I hope we never have to find out.

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