Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'd like to apologize to everyone for not posting the last week or so. I have been in agony with a horribly abscessed tooth, and finding a dentist who will pull it on a Friday on short notice is a mighty difficult thing. Finding the dentisst who will pull it is hard, since nowadays, only surgeons are willing to do it, or else they are the only ones who are allowed to do it by law. I was lucky to find a dentist to do it, since a surgeon is likely to be more than 500 dollars or more. My dentist was able to do it one hour later for 140. Thanks!
Writhing in terrible pain for the weekend during my utterly forgettable 25th anniversary is a conversational nonstarter, so...end of topic. I did make a lovely meal for us all on Sunday, and I would describe it here, but...my tooth hole is still quite painful, and I prefer not to do or say much, other than take my penicillin and Tylenol 3 cocktail. Til tomorrow, I'm off to suffer in my bed. Ciao Tutte!


  1. Oh, I forgot to wish you a happy twenty-fifth, forgettable as it was. We just did our thirty-first.

    I started my current job the month after you got married. In fact, the Director of Workforce Development called me today to congratulate me on surviving twenty-five cutthroat years of state government.

    I told him it wasn't until next month. He argued. I told him I'd likely be the authoritative source on the topic, as I am on most other subjects around the office. I asked him if he intended to call back in a couple weeks. He answered flatly, "No." I asked him if my longevity check would be coming early. He tried to laugh.

    Anyway, hope you're feeling better.

    Having a blog means never having to say you're sorry. Are you kidding me? If I apologized in print every time I had a week of inactivity, "Apology" would soon be my default post category. Hey, there's an idea to increase my publishing frequency: weekly apologies! I could develop a form, so it only takes a few moments.

    Anyway, twenty-five is a big deal. I have a rule: on the redefining marriage issue, I will only listen to people who've been married over twenty-five years. You're now qualified. Congratulations to you and Slim Jim.

    I sent you something for your tooth via e-post.


  2. seanymph12:37 PM

    Congrats on the big milestone , 25yr anniversary. Not many make it that far anymore so its nice to hear you did. Sorry to hear it wasnt so good and even more sorry to hear about your tooth. I dont blame you for not posting. Your health is more important than anything and when you dont feel good..........we here online are not important. Im serious.........you take care and Ill pop back to see whats new if you post it. Hugs

  3. I thank you very much, Haid and Seanymph. The dentist told me I have a pretty bad infection I am taking Augmentin, and the infection is subsiding, but it sure felt like all my teeth were ready to be yanked. I am on a pretty liquid diet, so there's the upside to that!
    Swish swish! I hope to be posting later on tonight, when the fartlings have all retired to bed and I get home from the bakery.

  4. Happy 25th, and here's to your health and speedy recovery.


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