Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mohammed ar rasul allah, al insan al kamil (PHOTOS!!!)

Oh, for Effin' Allah's sakes! Mohammed is once again unhappy that his image is tarnished by "artists"....there is just no pleasing SOME Prophets Who Shall Not Be Named, I swear! First some Danish guys draw some bland cartoons...which in itself is quite offensive to me, since I think cartoons are meant to be insulting, unless you are in Family Circle Hell Hole Time-Life Discontinuum, and then they are meant to be offensively bland.

Here we see Mohammed, in a Not So Prophet like state, hardly Prophet like at all, in fact. Image is everything with the Religion of Peace™, and you can't expect the Prophet to be seen just emerging from his cave after coitus with one of his granddaughters, and/or goats, now, can you? So, we, the west, the most accommodating of all peoples on the planet, STRIVE, we STRIVE to please. After all, we only want to be loved! Is that so wrong?

So another cartoonist tries, valiantly, but just falls short of the mark.

And yet another lamely tries, only to fail in a less than spectacular way.

Aaaaah, we are closer to the mark! We are getting there. I feel my Spidey Senses Tingling like thigh hairs on Chris Matthews' legs.

At LAST! We have arrived! Behold your Prophet, ye Peaceful Sons of Allah, and Rampage no more! Is not the Prophet, Uswa hasana, insan al kamil, the most Perfect Human Being, terrible and wondrous to behold?


  1. You said on Jihad Watch that the Prophet of Doom website has a --

    "Concordance of the Koran, Hadith and Sunnah"

    I went there, but could not find a Concordance. Could you help? Thanks.

    P.S.: You have a nice blog here.

  2. Entertaining, as usual, Jewel, but not nearly as funny as that post about Esposito and Armstrong over at Jihad Watch.

    You are just so clever.

    That last photo is truly nauseating. I may not be able to sleep.

  3. Sleep without dreaming, friend Haid. I am sure that Rosie does!

  4. The 'al insan al kamil' looks a lot like 'The Insane Camel', my mind saw that almost right away.

  5. Arabic is all about the Insane Camel, Bosch. Those four little words undo all the preposterous imagery they hope to foist on us. Just close your eyes, click your heels and say, The Camel is Insane three times.

  6. May ALLAH show you all The Right Way.

  7. Allah can't show anyone the right way, friend. Allah is incapable of doing anything, but bossing around his followers to do things for him. As far as I can tell, Allah just wants you to kill everything...and that ye do right well, with killing other moslems a high priority. Nope, Allah, can't do much of anything if he requires little children to do all the dirty work for him. Allah is laughing at you for your sheep like gullibility. Such a waste of your humanity. Christ showed you the way, but you misunderstood, and like fools, you believe crucifying anyone who opposes you. It ain't about the crucifixion, son. But the glorious Resurrection come Sunday.

  8. Achhadou an le ilèha ila Allah wa ana Mohamed Rasoul Allah Salla Allahou 3alahi wa Salam

  9. Escrive em ingles, Rosita. Ese blog não fala espanhol.


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