Friday, June 13, 2008

Ode To a Prodigal Child

She skates so elegantly,
On thin ice.
She thought she was pregnant
For a day
But through the mist of woeful, bitter tears
Of buyer's remorse,
She misread the test instructions, and didn't realize she wasn't.
Sigh, I guess.
She'll take her lessons on the rocks.
And belly back up to the bar
For more. Thanks.
The flesh cringes when she's awake.
She is a never ceasing war of unpleasant, unbearable noise.
Her voice cuts - lays low our walls
Of peaceful slumber
Leaving shards of shattered nerves all around,
Casualties in a psych war.
We quit wondering where we went wrong,
And ponder the possibility
That at conception she was planning this whole thing out.
Abortion is not retroactive.
Some cultures would see her throat cut open wide,
Her life drained from her,
No future. No settling. No marriage. No children
Like herself.
But we, we punish ourselves,
By turning gray.
By withering with age more quickly than before.
When she was just a mischievous brat.
Her father, never mindful of his honor,
Keeps a lonely vigil each night,
So that the girl in search of herself
Or something else more fun
Still, she tries. And still he waits for her to try.
Never disappointed.
Or surprised. Anymore.

Her friends are all like herself.
A solar system where all the planets gravitate toward each other,
Creating a giant, walking, talking Asshole
Of annoyance where ever it moves in the universe.

She was the one we planned. The one we ordered
From on high, with high hopes.
Dashed, and down in flames.

She had the temerity
To remind me of my own
Prodigal Youth.
But that was different, I say.
I was. .... .
Younger. Much. Younger.
I was done sowing my oats at...
I see now, where I went wrong.
I should never have told her
About my youth.

Never mind.


  1. seanymph12:42 PM

    When they ask lie, lie, lie. I never told them I inhaled. I said I never did it. Im glad I did.....altho now older they try. Hugs will get worse before it gets better and then when it does ..........the marry and come home with their kids when they leave the other. My dad once told me.....children are forever. I told him.......why didnt you tell me this BEFORE I HAD THEM!!!

    You might want to tell yours that.

  2. Yeah, I made that mistake with my kids, too--telling them all about my past. We live, we learn.

    Funny they picked up on the parts where I was a happy-go-lucky Bohemian without direction or care, but they failed to pick up on the part where I went back to school and worked hard to stop being an idiot and turn my life around.

    This too shall pass, Jewel. Don't give up on her.

    And for God's sake, don't write any more odes to her LOL, not that she'll read them, unless she's REALLY weird. My youngest stopped by yesterday when I was at the computer and asked, "Working on your Nazi site?" Of course, it's not like he can read any of it to know if I'm a Nazi or not. Oy.

    I'll keep that young lady in my prayers, Jewel, that she finds out how awesome she can be.

    Just like her mom.

  3. Your Mother12:16 PM

    She's fine, and maybe even better than fine. A good mama, herself. God Bless you Mary, wherever you go. Keep dragging the sun into every darkened room you enter. You light up our lives.


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