Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot days and light fare

Aaaah, the pleasures of Western Civilization.

It is a hot, humid dog day today. Too hot to be outside grilling steak. Last night, a refreshing breeze caught our nice umbrella'd patio table with its mottled glass table top and blew it over, smashing it to countless bits of tiny fragments in the yard. It would have been more thoughtful of the wind to topple the table on the patio itself, relieving my husband the arduous task of picking up tiny, iddy biddy bits of glass, but nature is capricious, and he spent two hours picking up all the fragments.

Now the patio has its grill and assembled chairs, but no shady umbrella and table. It looks like a funeral out there. Oh well, we eat in tonight, under the fan.
And no grilling for the man. Now that it is summer, he is outdoors most of the days, painting, which means being out in the hot sun, on high ladders, upsetting the wasp nest under the shudder he didn't realize was there, and not falling to his death trying to avoid it. Yes, something he doesn't need is grilling.

Here is a simple meal, consisting of sauteed boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced thinly, with capers, olives, penne and pesto sauce.

While I can make my own pesto, the cost is prohibitive since I don't have an herb garden. Fresh herbs in the quantity I would need are very expensive at the store, so I buy either the fresh refridgerated kind or Classico brand. Classico is superior, in my humble opinion, because it is the least expensive, and I have tried Buitoni and other brands....all quite good. But for price, and taste, Classico is best and it is right next to the spaghetti sauces.

Just saute the chicken in olive oil, add olives, any kind you like, a good hand full of capers with the brine, and the entire jar of pesto sauce. Ladle a couple of spoons full of the hot pasta water into the empty jar and swish it around, in order to get all the yummy bits out. Pour the water into the sauce and stir. The starchy water adds a creamy quality to the sauce. Drain your pasta, sprinkle with the zest of one lemon and some parmesan, and there's yer no grill dinner, mam'selle. And as always, garlic bread. (Okay, it was Texas toast with garlicky cheese on it.)


The last post was by my liberal alter ego Tonya Greipenweiner, or Every Undergraduate You Ever Met, Who, Like, Totally Knows More than You, You Racist Beeyotches.... and here she is.
(Actually, I have no idea who this fine, upstanding anarchist is. I found her at Flickr, and she looked like she needed to be pwn3d. I am merely fulfilling my need to pwn her, is all.)

Lovely, ain't? Why is it that everyone who sports that ugly Rag of Palesimian Self-Destruction either looks like a terrorist or a Terrorist Cheerleader? Why not lighten up a bit and chill. It is quite hot out. Have some dinner. It's even halaal!

Of course, the Israelis have their own Scarf Counter protest going on. And the Pallies aren't too happy about it, either.

Here is the Israeli version of the keffiyeh:

As usual, the Israelis always do things bestiest, and manage to look quite happy besting their sullen, resentful neighbors. Just another reason to love Western Civilization all the more!

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