Saturday, August 30, 2008

Haramfest for Friday, August 29th, with added Punditry

If there is anyone who could get my husband to vote with enthusiasm, it would be her.
Def. In. Itly.

And really, what's not to like? She's a gun owner and eats caribou. Yummy yummy venison. She rides a motorcycle. She's like Ted Nugent, only gubernatorial and female. And purdy.
Hippies could love this woman, too. Here are her kids names and ages: Track, 19; Bristol 17; Willow, 14, Piper, 7, and baby Trig. If those aren't Woodstock names, I don't know what is. Poor Hillary. Quo vadis, Demonatrix? Off seething somewhere, I imagine. Total coolness in the utmost! Ah yes, I was going to talk about dinner. Tonight's ham haramfest.

Now, it has been several years since I had a decent smoked ham. Uncured, smoked ham. The reason being is this person:

Yes, my number one child, 21 years of age HATES HAM! This is the face she would make if I said, "Emily, we are having ham, tonight."
The thought of eating it repulses her. Oh, she won't give you some PETA lecture as to why it isn't good for you eat ham, but she will consult her internal thesaurus for an endless stream of antiham invective that would make veal blush. And she is lactose intolerant, so she has to drink soy milk. which I haven't really developed a taste for, yet, but I try, I really do. AND she is allergic to cats, so we won't be eating any of those any time soon, either....heh.
Well, Oldest child has moved out and got herself a house with two night owls who don't understand why she needs to go to bed so early. (She works at 5 am.) So I get lots of whiny calls, sometimes, and others, I get to talk to an adult! It is really nice to be able to talk to an adult for a change.
And tonight I made a mustard brown sugar glazed ham, which was enjoyed by three of the six people who used to eat dinner together. The leftovers will make a ham pot pie tomorrow night.
Rachel loves ham, really really loves ham, and I figure, it has been at least 5 years since we had any ham at the dinner table for no reason, not even Sunday dinner.
In Irksome Middle Child News, we turned her phone off....she still thinks curfew laws are merely suggestions, and so, while texting something reeeeeaaallly reeeaaally important, the Hubster called AT&T and had them turn off her phone. It was a pleasure to see her with her comatose phone, unable to get it to do her bidding. Scowls and stomping ensued, with slamming doors, but, afflicted with Schadenfreuditis, we enjoyed watching her suffer from yak yak withdrawals. Mayhap we will turn on the phone sometime soon, mayhap we won't. I'm leaning toward the mayhap we don't.

Well, next week is more convention madness, from Lake Woebegone. Garrison Keillor must not be thrilled with the Army of Hateristic Racism and Oppression of Womyn everywhere. And meanwhile, the City of New Orleans has preemptively accused the Republican Party for whatever damage happens with hurricane Gustave. Are we surprised? Oh well. They never learn. At any rate, I hope there is minimal damage, if any at all. Mayhap it will just be a load of rain, and mayhap it will be something worse.
I thought about putting a Cat Scratch Fever Youtube video here, but I'm too damn tired. I'll think of something later.


  1. Mrs. Dasalami is just thrilled that Governor Palin is Jack Mac's pick. But I'm not so sure I agree that this is "brilliance" on Mac's part.

    Yes, she walks the walk. (Palin--not Mrs. D). She'll make Dem women as uneasy as can be. She shames the Michelle Obama types, but they're too stupid to recognize their loathing for shame. My mom always said you can't humiliate an idiot.

    Mrs. Palin is the real McCoy. She's just an AWESOME woman. Hard to attack.

    But I happen to agree with those who think that if you're seventy-two years old and have had a few bouts with cancer, you ought to pick a running mate who is clearly ready to take over the Oval Office NOW.

    I'd like to see her wrestle in that mini-skirt with Biden, though, and watch her squeeze his little pinhead off with a leg scissors. Now that would be a debate I'd pay to see.

    Later, she could hang him on her wall with all her other trophies.

    The question is whether that will be in Alaska or in DC. I am one who thinks her presence on the ticket doesn't particularly help Mac's already dubious chances.

  2. I think that if this woman can endure the Slime Machine™ she may make an excellent president ultimately. We could use a Maggie Thatcher. I think the Biblical adage on being faithful over a few things ruling over many things may probe to be true. What I see is a disaster, either way. The poison of division may be our undoing as a country whether Lord Barry ascends or is mocked out of the voting booth. If he wins, he will destroy the country, if he loses, his supporters may destroy the country.
    As for McCain, I think he would listen more to the country than Barry would. I think, hope and pray...cuz I was wrong about Condi and Bush, that she doesn't become this accommodationist who would chuck her principles out the window.


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