Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Semichrist's Anthem

Glenn Beck, I curse you! I can't get the song out of my head. Thanks a lot, guy.


All Hail the Messiah! Obama, Obama!
The Path to the New Socialist Motherland
Our Savior! Our Savior! Obama, Obama!
The leader more famous than Lindsay Lohan
Bow down and praise the One.
Give him your money and your guns.
Give us a country that makes your wife proud!
Lord Barry heal the bitter ones.
White and clinging to faith and to guns.
Vote for the change of the hope of the change!

So. Very catchy. Yet, I like. Let's see if there are any other catchy Obama songs out there. I have hightlighted Building a Religion, and here it is again:

He's calling you DUDE!

And now, Hillary concedes. A touching moment.

And the chronicles of the Obamessiah

Updates. There will be so many updates.


  1. The term Semichrist comes from Throbert McGee, who stated at Discarded Lies that 333 is the number of the Semichrist, and 664 and 668 are the Antichrist's neighbors. Since many folk are actually speculating the Obama might be the Antichrist, I thought I would put that nonsense to rest, here. Obama is a flimflam man, but Antichrist? Not. He's only a semichrist.

  2. I always loved the old Soviet national anthem, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head either since I listened to Glenn Beck in the car a couple days ago.

    I've had a couple nut balls send me mail about Obama being the Antichrist, which is of course silly. Even if the AC were for our time (he's NOT) BO couldn't be he, for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is that there is absolutely no possibility he will ever be universally popular.

    He's divisive in the extreme, and you can bet he will only become more so. He may in fact soon come to make us remember Bush as a broadly unifying force.

    Besides, he surrounds himself with village idiots who reflect his warped values. You have to be about brain dead to be infatuated with anyone who hangs with the likes of Ayres and Wright--or Michelle, for that matter--and there just aren't enough brain dead folks alive to make him the undisputed leader of the world.

    He may have people regarding him as a savior, but it's unlikely that even among his loyal followers will anyone ever, even momentarily, regard him as God.

  3. The silliness of both the followers and the reactions to them is breathtaking. So much fodder to spread round. I wonder if The One has heard his new anthem, and if he's secretly hacked off because the first order of business when he ascends is to scrap our national anthem for this one.

  4. Just noticed, and I like the new header, although I miss the bobby-flayin' thing, or whatever it was. It sounded sexy.

    But you should make the header clickable, so we can always find our way out. Wasn't your old header clickable?

    I haven't been on Blogger in a long time, but I remember it being an easy edit.

  5. I thought my header is clickable! What I do wrong? I am such a dork with teh intarwebs.

  6. The header used to read: Suffer the little kuffar to come unto me, and I shall make them macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders


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